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Archival/reportage images. Where to see them?

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Hello, everybody.

Yesterday I uploaded a number of photos to Alamy Live News. The batch was removed from the Alamy New line so I made a conclusion that it was rejected as a news and added to QC queue as an editorial media.

Today I received an automated note from Alamy that my media has passed QC as an archival/reportage photos.

So, where to find those Archival/reportage photos?

They did not appear in my portfolio.

How to get to them in Alamy.

I applied for Archival/reportage photos only today. 

What to do? How to see my archival/reportage photos (and photos of others)

Are they on sale? Where?

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OK. Yesterday I visited Moscow Kremlin and made about 40 photos of tourists in the Kremlin and places of interest.

Those images were not considered suitable for Alamy News and I saw the batch in my Track submissions section as Awaiting QC.

To your info, I am in the Sin Bin now, so I decided that this new images would be rejected automatically.

It was yesterday.

Today I received a note from Alamy that my images passed QC as Archival/reportage... But the number of the batch (Media ref.) was different from that one I see in my Track submissions section.

I was surprised and had an idea that Archival/reportage images are shown in some special place like Alamy Live News.

Such a mess.

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I had something similar happen to news images I submitted a while back.  They were in the news feed, I received the message that they had bypassed QC, then they ended up in the regular QC queue under Track submissions.  I think they were deemed not newsworthy enough and so were moved.  In the process the media ref changed.  I think the "bypass QC" message may be an automated message.

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