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  1. Sale on Alamy

    Hi All, I am a photographer for many years, have no problem to pass QC here. I 've accumulated about 5000 images here. most of them have 50 keywords with good caption. But nothing was soled. why ?
  2. Barely the price of my sandwich

    I'm quite new to Alamy and very new to this forum. What has driven me to write is the low fee that I've been paid for the sale of a photo. It barely covers the cost of the sandwich I had for lunch that day. According to Alamy's own site, a photo sold on the following basis: Country: United KingdomUsage: EditorialMedia: Magazine - print, digital and electronicPrint run: up to 500,000Placement: InsideImage Size: 1 pageStart: 01 August 2018End: 01 August 2023Duration: 3 months. Any placement: Inside or cover. ... should have sold for about $120 of which I receive half. Trouble is that the photo sold for less than $10 (of which I get half) . As far as I can see $9.99 is shown as the lowest a photo can sell for on Alamy - and that's merely for personal use. Can someone tell me what on earth is going on as I am feeling ripped off ?
  3. I really am intrigued with the Forum - photos found in June 2018 etc ... I find it a fascinating feed. Years ago I would deliver my roll of film to the picture desk hopefully negotiate a fee and then go buy the paper in the morning ! As a newbie to Forum is anyone kindly able to explain how photographers can search the internet for possible usage and any tips to mark ones photos when editing ? Really appreciated. Matt / PennPix
  4. Uploading photos

    I'm new to ALAMY. Just signed in and I was looking around. I read I could upload my photos on ALAMY's website through MyAlamy and Upload. The thing is that I can't see any Upload button on MyAlamy... Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance
  5. SG photography

    sir i want to share my images through out the world to see my photography
  6. I have been working with the new version of Lightroom (the Classic CC) for over a week now. Here are my first impressions. I would like to hear other users comments:
  7. How do I add a photo for critique as it has failed alamy quality control I'm sure it was straightforward when I posted a photo 2 or months back !
  8. Hi, I have some photos I took with my phone that I'd like to upload to Alamy but they're 1.4MB uncompressed. Is there any way to enlarge them so they meet the size requirements? Many thanks in advance!
  9. I'm happy to have the opportunity to give it a go with a monthly challenge topic. And thank you for that. After enjoying some celebrations with friends recently, I got thinking about what it means to be living or having the good life. And so that's what this month's challenge will be about. Looking forward to your interpretations! Topic: The Good Life Max entries per person: 3 Photos must be on alamy. Challenge closes on March 31, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. PST Eight finalists to be chosen by me for voting. Have fun! Maria
  10. Photos Studio Lighting Setup app is now available for both iOS and Android: For iPhone/iPad: For Android:
  11. For those who shoot both stills and video, what is your solution for a tripod head? I currently have two separate heads but hate carrying both. I have considered the Manfrotto MH055M8 photo video head but it has such mixed reviews and is a real heavyweight - does anyone use it?
  12. Hello, everybody. Yesterday I uploaded a number of photos to Alamy Live News. The batch was removed from the Alamy New line so I made a conclusion that it was rejected as a news and added to QC queue as an editorial media. Today I received an automated note from Alamy that my media has passed QC as an archival/reportage photos. So, where to find those Archival/reportage photos? They did not appear in my portfolio. How to get to them in Alamy. I applied for Archival/reportage photos only today. What to do? How to see my archival/reportage photos (and photos of others) Are they on sale? Where?
  13. Interesting case. Photographer's photo was stolen from Twitter feed and used commercially by the big G, and the follow-up case earned compensation of $1.2 million
  14. iPhone/iPad Photo Studio Light Setup app: Fast, user-friendly interface that allows you to create very detailed lighting setups. It can be found in App store by entering 'Studio Light Setup' into the search field. Alex