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We have a new feature on the homepage allowing people to search by category. I have always known I am up against amazing people with my wildlife images. The National Geographic Collection, for heaven's sake, and Frans Lanting, Steve Bloom, Martin Harvey, etc., etc. I have managed to have my images seen by being VERY careful and specific in my keywords. So I decided to see what would happen if I click on the new Wildlife category. 8,251 pages. I looked at the first ten and, of course, I am not on them. So sad. I must admit my sales have always been of my more "documentary" images -- elephant orphanage, etc. but I don't want to feel that it is a total waste of my time to upload my beloved wild animals. So sad.




Writing this later --- All is not lost. I found that there is a way to search within the results -- it is on the side so not immediately apparent. My images do appear when I do that. Feeling more hopeful.

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The categories are certainly an interesting addition, but I think that most clients will continue to look for individual subjects rather than wade through thousands of images. For instance, there are 6.3 million images in the "Travel" category. Who has the patience to scroll through a selection like that?


It seems (?) that in order to have your images in a category, you have to have the name of the category (the most common ones, anyway) in your keywords -- e.g. "travel," "wildlife," "food," etc. If it's any consolation, Paulette, I've got at least a couple of thousand images on Alamy with "travel" in the comprehensive keywords, and I haven't found any of them in the Travel category yet. Shall keep looking...


Update: I just found the "search within results" box and unearthed some of my travel images, so they are buried in there somewhere, which is good to know.

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