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Live News Feed - question for Alamy

Malcolm Park

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I submit fairly regularly to the News Feed. As a press pass holder I also have a list of forthcoming events which I know I will be covering. It seems the News Feed system is a bit ad-hoc at the moment, I assume Alamy are not aware of whats coming till it actually arrives. Would it be useful for you to know what photographers are going to be covering officially in order to notify your purchasers with advance notice of the possible content. It might also be useful, taking this a stage further, to then know when your media purchasers require images on the day of the event to meet print deadlines. I feel Alamy are missing a trick here and losing sales to several other well known news image gathering organisations.

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Hi Malcolm,


We have a full dairy of events for news shooters and can provide accreditation to many of them. Our live news team work round the clock and ping images directly to news desks. 


If you want to discuss upcoming events further, it would be best for you to contact our news team via news@alamy.com


Many thanks

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"We have a full dairy of events"


What time are the cows milked?

But seriously compadre...


Does list & offer of accreditation include US events?

(update: have also asked news@...)


The classic typo - I'm not even going to go back and edit it. I hang my head in shame.


The news guys will be best to answer your question, so if you've emailed them, they will be getting back to you shortly.




James Allsworth

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I am a commercial shooter and moving to stock.  I am in situations that may call for credentials.  I've heard that some are available online.  Has anyone bought those and had good or bad experiences to share?  What's good?  What bad? what is worth it?  All input is welcome.  Thanks

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In the UK, for News shooters the ideal would be to get a National Press card.  These are validated by the police and will not only help to gain entry to many events but also is very useful if challenged by the authorities or the public while taking pictures.  The scheme is managed via 19 "gatekeepers" These include the British Association of Journalists, BBC, NUJ, BECTU, BPPA , CIOJ.  There are a lot of hurdles to go through to get the card, for example a criminal records check (so do not try if you have a criminal record!)  and other security checks.  Also, in most cases you have to show publication of news photographs and that is your major source of earnings


Getting details of news events for a freelance is difficult.  I subscribe to a news wire, but even that is not comprehensive.  Could Alamy makes its news diary available to news shooters - that would be massively value added....

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