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Please eliminate the red flags.


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I'm not much of a rabble rouser but I would like to rouse the rabble on this one. I hope for many +1s. The red flags cause hard feelings and paranoia. If we need a way for new people to see who is respected on the Forum the green flags will suffice. Since the red flags are at the edge of the frame it is all too easy for people on tablets and phones to hit them by accident. Also, those of us who hate the red flags are in the habit of giving green ones to counteract them. So the system doesn't even work as a scoring system. I say a million red flags to the red flags.



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Consider this rabble roused.


I confess to having used the red flags in the past where members have been openly offensive to, or derisive of others (give me a red flag for that, if you like), but I would rather the system were not there.  I have also used green flags to counteract what I have perceived as unjustified reddies.  I have also bizarrely received red flags for totally innocuous posts - some discovered on old hidden threads going way back.  I can only surmise that some dark felon has dug down deep in order to disguise the fact they are handing out red flags...paranoia strikes deep.  Yet as Paulette says, hard feelings and paranoia are exactly what this system encourages - drop it now.


There is no need for the negativity, surely that is exactly what Alamy supposedly espoused in having started this new forum?  Celebrate the positivity and people feel much better - about themselves and others.  Alamy said quite some while ago that they would revisit this question at some point in the future.  Now seems to most certainly be the most appropriate time.

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A couple of points here :)


1 - Please do not start threads that are all capital letters in the title - it comes across as very aggressive. We've edited the title of this post for that reason.

2 - Our previous comments on this still stand. - http://discussion.alamy.com/index.php?/topic/492-please-get-rid-of-the-red-ticket/?p=5199



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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