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Hi there,

Recently I asked my friend(software developer) to create simple application for sorting keywords order.

I use Adobe Lightroom to keyword my images, but it’s automatically sorting keywords in Alphabetical order.

As you know some agencies want to classify keywords in order of importance. Or you might want to change your strategy and re-sort your keywords for specific images/videos.


Anyway if anybody finds this application useful – feel free to use it.

Paste your keywords into textbox, then drag and drop objects(frames), final text appears below.



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10 greenies for this one!

It's brilliant!


I could think of some possible improvements:

- a button sort alphabetically (would make checking for missing keywords easy)

- highlight duplicates, or even a button remove duplicates

- remove empty tiles (unwanted spaces sometimes happen in Manage v2.4)

- a delete button or a waste bin




I'm not sure that is true for IPTC. Anyway Alamy has chosen (deliberately or by accident) long ago not comply, and to implement it's own rules.

Which in this case are not that silly: order does matter. Test it: search for London bridge vs bridge London.

It's usefulness to the researcher seems clear. There may be some benefit for the contributor also: a careful keyworder can beat the (well some) agencies this way.



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