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  1. Regarding number of sales up to now this year is the best ever for me. (Another issue is the money I will get at the end because of Alamy's cutting photographers split.) But I do not supply microstock...
  2. I fear Alamy does not really care about these possibilities for misuse. "Personal use" is open for heavy misuse anyway. I even proved Alamy that an image bought for "personal use" was actually used commercially. Nothing happened. 😞 I have tons of personal use sales of images, nobody will actually buy for personal use. - Alamy doesn't care. Unfortunately it is not possible to disable personal use sales without loosing distributor sales.
  3. "They have had whole events stolen from their websites from other photogs that pose it as their own work and parade them around on Facebook,Flickr and other social media platforms. .... I too have had at least 50 people thru the years try and sell my work claiming it was theirs." Why does anyone post or show unwatermarked hires images on his website or on social media?
  4. "By definition" IPTC / XMP keywords do not have a sort order. (Unsorted list or set) - So applying or relying to any specific sort order is a bit curious and at least unreliable.
  5. Regarding Alamy rank: Create a new pseudo and move the poor images to that trash pseudo instead of deleting them.
  6. It seems to me that a Skrill account and receiving money is really free. BUT: Than the money in on the Skrill account only, where it is of little use for me. So I have to transfer from Skrill to may bank account, and this costs 2.95 Euro for example. That is even more than the 3.13$ Alamy will charge to transfer to my bank account.
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