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HDR - what's your experience with Alamy

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It's been a while since I visited the forum very much so excuse me if this has been discussed to death.  


Way back when,  I had Alamy QC reject a batch because QC felt the image had been over manipulated.  In fact, it hadn't been manipulated at all, it was a fish-eye image.  These days, I do a lot of HDR, a few of the over-the-top sort but mostly to provide contrast enhancement.  On websites like Pixoto, where images are voted on, HDR images win top placement in just about all categories.  



These days, when I do a search of HDR images on Alamy,  I see some awful HDR images, many with prominent halos.  


So here are my questions:


  • Has Alamy QC completely stepped away from judging images as over-manipulated ? 
  • Do you upload HDR ?  
  • Do HDR images sell on Alamy ?
  • What degree of processing are you using ? 
  • What is your experience with Alamy QC and HDR ?


I have a large library of mostly HDR'd images, including B&W.  It seems a waste to share them for free. 


Thanks in advance



[ To get an idea of what I mean about pixoto, you can see my, mostly HDR, images here: http://www.pixoto.com/charles.lupica ]

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I have only a few HDR images on Alamy, only done for contrast so not OTT.  I have had no problems at all with QC and one at least has been a good seller but that may be more to do with the subject matter than anything.



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I have some HDR work on Alamy and haven't had a failure. However, instead of the over the top garish look I use LR/ Enfuse (a Lightroom plugin) which gives a much more subtle blend.


In the main, I try to use grads on what I can but if it is a difficult scene where you will see the line then I prefer to blend.


LR/ Enfuse will only cost you a small donation to the developer. Give it a try. It's saved me a lot of time since i got it.

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I have a few HDR shots here, though I hope they don't have the HDR 'look'. Some are proving to be regular sellers.


As I experimented with various subjects, I saw fewer shots that were improved... and many that weren't. 


I have a use for HDR - combining exposures - in some interiors. But, apart from that, HDR looks like a photographic cul de sac...

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