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  1. SSDs are notoriously unreliable. Keeping any data on an SSD is risky, IMHO. I've had 2 SSDs fail. Luckily I hadn't stored any crucial data on them. I used the SSD as the boot drive, program drive and scratch disk. When the boot SSD of my PC failed less than a month after it was out of warranty, I was unable to get Windows to restore the disk to anything but an identical drive (So I had to reinstall everything on a bigger, non SSD drive. Just my opinion but, if you go with an SSD make absolutely certain that you have really current backups of everything. The SSD will speed everything up
  2. Visual Steam shared the "Art Buyers Guide" - 2014 results. They asked the group to name Stock photo agencies. This link was originally shared by Geoff Kidd. the stock sites with the most "Top-of-mind" where Getty - 77% iStock - 57% shutterstock - %53 corbis - 40% Veer - 32% Thinkstock - 28% Masterfile - 20% Google Images - 15% Media Bakery, Pacasearch, and Stocksy at 10% each "Other agencies were mentioned but not enough to rank including: Age, imagesource, Big Stock, Alamy, Superstock, Offset, Pond5, Junkinvideo, stockxchange." Clearly Alamy has some work to do to gain mindshar
  3. Looking at Alamy Measures, there has been over 400 searches in the past year that included the word "cityscape". Almost all of those include the name of a city , many of them include additional keywords. There were 21 UCOs (Unique Customers) that did a search on just the word "cityscape". Clearly cityscape is a more important keyword than I (we ?) thought. Seascape has less than 40 searches. While it seems like such a generic term, "landscape" has a whopping 2400 searches. Again, nearly all of these include a place and additional keywords. Keeping in mind that keyword order and keyword phras
  4. Paul, I don't know if it really makes much difference but it's a selling point. With my old Nikon D80 with no micro-adjustment, I constantly suspected that there was a back focusing problem. When I bought a new camera , Canon 5D MK II, I specifically looked for the ability to add individual and across the board lens adjustment. I think that all of my Canon lenses are set at or near to no adjustment. My Tamron 28-75mm lens had a fair amount of adjustment. That lens jammed and I had to send it in for service. When I got it back, the auto focus was terrible. It did a nice job on manual focus
  5. 4:3 and 1:1 cropped images show up as larger thumbnails on Alamy, This makes them stand out on a page full of thumbnails.
  6. One important point that is implied is that the images using this technology won't come up in a Google image search; meaning crippled or no SEO.
  7. It would be nice if Alamy would buy or license Jim Keirs Alamy LightRoom plugin with a promise to provide similar tools for PhotoMechanic and Aperture; http://www.lightroom-plugins.com/AlamyIndex.php
  8. I hope this isn't stating the obvious but the first thing I do when thinking of shooting food is visit Alamy Measures. This time of year, %pumpkin is a good search choice. If people are searching for it, someone wants to buy it. You just have to have the one they're looking for.
  9. The Lucie Foundation, sponsors of the ipa awards has started a new crowd sourcing website specifically for photography projects. The charge is around 8% for successful campaigns and free (?) for campaigns that don't reach their goals. It seems you still receive the funds already raised but you're responsible for refunds if yo have to give the money back. So, it seems that anyone doing this should be prepared to carry through with the project even if they don't get the amount of money they were asking for. That way you can still give the supporters the premiums that you promised. It seems
  10. Most of the crowd funding requests that I've seen promise something in return. For photographers this usually includes a fine art print for small contributions and some sort of book for large contributions. If you have the rights to publish pictures of the football teams, you might consider pitching a book (Blurb, Lulu, ...) for contributions large enough to cover the cost of a book plus money for you. Not crowd funded but, I was able to sell my book of a church for $250 a copy for signed, numbered copies. (Cost to me was around $45).
  11. My sales and CTR wouldn't impress anyone (actually they more or less depress me) but I sold the same store sign twice in 2014, once for $521 and once for $177. Both sales cleared long ago so little worry that they'll ask for a refund. Along those lines, I noticed in the "images sold" thread that several images where things like Home Base, Walmart, Tesco, ...
  12. Hi Jill, A DSLR is more obvious and attracts a lot more attention than a P&S. It's also subject to dirt on the sensor and lots of other downs that I don't need unless I'm going for something special like Long Exposure or special filters. The Canon Powershot G16 is on the list. I think That Olympus, Fuji, Leica, and Sony may have P&S cameras on the acceptable list. I didn't see any Nikons but perhaps I missed them.
  13. John, is that based on sales on on portfolio size. For sales, I hat to say it but I'd be happy to be in the top 5000.
  14. This has probably been asked a hundred times but, given all the new cameras out there, what is the best P&S under $500, under $1000, over $1000. Keep in mind that I have a grudge against Sony but I'm not the only one that will read this. I'm getting tired of carrying around a bag full of gear: lenses, filters, batteries, rocket blower, ... Sometimes I just want to go for a walk or grab a shot at Walmart. I don't even want a 4/3 or mirrorless if they have a bunch of lenses to deal with. If I need all the kit, I'll just take the 5D mark II to begin with. Thanks in advance
  15. Discussing this is a bit like giving away trade secrets. Quotes, pe se, don't really work. It's keyword relevance that matters including multi-word keywords. But, here is what I understand, though I could easily be wrong. Idea 1 If you Keyword the Eiffel Tower as "Eiffel Tower" and the researcher uses "Eiffel Tower" your image will come up before an equally rated photographer's image that just had Eiffel Tower. That is, the quotes are treated as characters. Your quoted string is more relevant than an unquoted string if the researcher used a quoted string. Idea 2 Keyword order
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