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I've Been Defeated.Need A Plant Id Plz

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I'm usually pretty good at this but I just can't find any ID on this 'plant' growing in some moss.

Google lens keeps coming up with Sundew (Drosera) which it obviously isn't.

Nothing in any of my reference books.

Anybody any ideas?





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What I found....
Cephalotus follicularis is a monotypic genus, meaning that it is the only species (follicularis) within the genus (Cephalotus). Cephalotus was first discovered and recorded in 1792 by a French expedition to southern Australia led by Bruni d’Entrecasteaux. Most likely, botanist Archibald Menzies was the first European botanist to be lucky enough to find this wonderful plant with a very peculiar appearance. The word Cephalotus comes from the Greek “kephalotos” which means “head”, referring to the shape of the traps. Folliculus in Latin means “a small bag or bag”, which describes the shape of carnivorous “pitchers”.

Source: https://www.portaldojardim.com/pdj/2020/11/18/plantas-carnivoras-cephalotus/

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Oooppps...yes it would probably help.

Taken in the darkest depths of the New Forest, Sth of England.

It's only about 2cm tall.

Think it's not really a cultivated type, more natural



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  • Martin L changed the title to I've Been Defeated.Need A Plant Id Plz

If shot recently I think the colour is due to it being a seedling, possibly a tree seedling. I don't know what the tree cover was where you found it but I'll throw out Field Maple as a wild guess. I'm not sure the hairs support this though. I'd suggest a return visit...

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