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I had an image in national media on the 19th Oct, but it's not showing in my account

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I had an image in national media on the 19th Oct, but it's not showing in my account, how long would it normally take to show up? 


I had another image sell 2 days ago got 65 bucks only to get refunded today, how can I ensure it's not used now they have downloaded it? 


Thank you, here's a screenshot of the article in question. 


<a href="https://ibb.co/1R0fXhR"><img src="https://i.ibb.co/JrcRp0r/Screenshot-20231109-074031-Chrome.jpg" alt="Screenshot-20231109-074031-Chrome" border="0"></a>




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My last set in the Sun was used 10th August and invoiced 28th Sept. Reasonable chance you might see your invoice at the end of Nov. As John says it could be longer, your mileage may vary.

If nothing after 3 months contact alamy.

Your refund may reappear in a few days at a slightly different fee, maybe currency fluctuations or just direction of the wind??? Lots of info in the forum on how to find a useage!

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I had one in the Guardian Newspaper 28th July, Alamy won't chase the sale until 4 months have elapsed.

Strangely I also had one the same week on their digital platform and they paid within the month.


The publishers self report so you do need to keep your eye on the ball - so to speak.

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It still pays (pun intended) to keep an eye on things. I had one in the NYT (I have a subscription) one year ago and it had not been reported. So it does happen occasionally.

What happens in such case that it just goes into the regular billing cycle and is not treated as an unauthorized use.

And then there are Royalty Free images that have been used before in a different article and can usually be used again for free. But not always, it just depends on the contract the client has.

So Trust is good, control is better. Lenin said. Or did he?



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