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Alamy update on AI-generated images

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Thank you for providing a degree of clarity on this issue and seeking to protect our rights, including those rights that have been transgressed. Your partner agency for video clips has recently made payouts to their contributors whose clips have been legitimately used in training AI for external clients. It's hard to say whether this has been good or not as payments were made with no explanation as to how they were calculated or the extent of imagery use the payments represented. I'm sure clarity and openness will be much appreciated by contributors here, when the time comes. Also, the option to opt out might be a welcome feature.

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17 hours ago, Jansos said:

Most of the genuine photos of police dealing with protestors have been males being arrested.   The opposition demonstrator here that I know talked about other men/boys being released after he was released.  Most of the dead were males, too.   So Amnesty was loading their picture with a less typical fake to draw on emotions about women being dragged off by men.   Amnesty is a profit center more than a cause operation, so whatever gets more donations wins.  I once was a member and was sent a letter saying I'd been chosen to donate something like $50 a month in the 1980s.  My address was sold to other organizations.   I asked how to contact the Virginia Tech/Blacksburg chapter and was told I would have to write Atlanta branch to get that information.  


Most of their information comes from one side of the issue, not both, and not at all impartial.   Or from volunteers, who are also the people writing letters at Amnesty's suggestion.   It's a money-making operation that uses other people's need to do something.   I didn't renew.


The funniest twitter posts written by people drunk on their own self-righteousness was apparently cut and pasted from early letters about political prisoners in Eastern Europe, claiming that the cells in Managua were freezing and the prisoners needed quilts and warm clothing.   Managua is around 15  to 20 degrees F hotter than where I am in the mountains and even here, I've had nights where even a sheet was a bit warm.  It's the tropics, already, and the prison is about 400 feet above sea level (I've been by it).   The deluxe cell suite for special prisoners with connections is air-conditioned.


It's not that hard to take photos that don't show faces. 



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