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If you are a subscriber to Photoshop, you can download and use their Beta version, which has a number of features not in the normal version. Adobe try out new ideas here before introducing them widely,





The latest update on beta introduces a remove tool. This is not a  content aware tool. It removes the highlighted object. There is a video here.


You need the latest update to obtain the remove tool. Its quite impressive.

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12 hours ago, noelbennett said:

The neural filters in Photoshop Beta are also worth looking at.


Yes, those filters can be fun. Like all these AI-inspired filters, they also need tweaking but can be a fun starting point for digital art and you're using your own work. I haven't tried the skin softening yet but have had some fun with the stylizers - I usually end up with mountains of layers, lots of digital painting, but it's a fun break when I get bored keywording and dust-spotting photos (My Sony cameras are such dust magnets no matter how careful I am). I wish they had an option for dust spots beside the LR visualize spots which never seems to catch them properly.  I don't think I've ever had a dust spot on my Olympus photos - they're remove dust shaker works. 


Sorry I was just reading another thread about dust spots so it's on the brain. 



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