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Changes to Capture One Perpetual licensing

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I hadn't realised that they stopped their Fuji, Nikon & Fuji 'Pro' versions way back in January:




You can still download the free version 22 'Express' versions for Fuji & Sony though, But I wonder for how much longer:



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Thanks for the links. I hope they keep offering the free Express version for Sony. It's a great little RAW processor that does just about everything I need.


P.S. Which reminds me, I had better upload the latest updates to Express in case they stop offering them.

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1 hour ago, M.Chapman said:

Thanks - I just grabbed a copy for my Sony - just in case

Always good to have a different RAW processor to try - especially with Fuji. Capture One Pro is supposed to be very good with Fuji, whether the Express version is the same I don't know, but I guess they probably wouldn't bother having two versions.

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Thanks Harry, I now have CaptureOne 20, 21, and 22 on my computer.


Think I may have to delete 20 and 21 after looking into the differences between them assuming 22 is the same as 20 and 21 except for upgrades.




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Got an email from them today saying that the perpetual version was being deprecated and we should move on to the subscription model which would be getting updates as developed rather than new editions. 


I feel like pro graphics software is like pro cameras, all of them know what all the rest of them are doing, and new exclusive features don't stay exclusive for long.  DXO now had more catalog features as does Capture One, for that matter.  As long as Adobe doesn't cut Nicaragua off completely as it did Venezuela, then mostly I work out of LightRoom Classic and a bit in Photoshop, but have Sony Capture One Express and DXO as backups.   DXO just announced its Christmas special (30% discount on two programs), so I may update my DXO Photo Lab and Viewpoint. 


Different lighting setups produce more significant differences between photos than the raw software used to develop them.



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6 hours ago, Allan Bell said:

Thanks Harry, I now have CaptureOne 20, 21, and 22 on my computer

I didn't even know that was even possible but they seem very good in terms of the information provided on their site with respect to the features and requirements of all the different versions. Things seem to get complicated if you want to use the Fuji & Sony versions on the same machine as I was thinking of doing, you have to 'de-activate' one licence online first, sounds a bit serious. Helpfully they suggest that you might like to just get the full version of Capture Pro instead. 




Not that I've even got a Sony, I just wanted to play around with some downloaded Sony test RAW files from DPReview.


Incidentally, I think that the Sony & Fuji Express versions are identical downloads but have different passwords to unlock the separate features. It's even possible that they are the full Pro version as well because they're pretty big downloads but I haven't checked that (yet).



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