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Person search - Who introduced you to Alamy?


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I was writing a suspense novel when I got breast cancer. When treatment was finished a year later and I was growing some hair back, I bought my first serious camera. I love nature, and unsure if my treatment would stick, for whatever time I had left I wanted to be outdoors, doing something I loved, rather than hunching over a computer writing. I saw an article about stock, did some research and joined in 2006. I had a hard go of it for awhile. Lots of failures. Those were the days when we had to uprez a lot. Using a 6mp camera, upsizing to 48mb, burning on a CD, trekking to the post office to buy a padded mailer, then waiting forever to hear whether it was pass or fail.  I quit trying for awhile, came back an tried harder.

I shot a lot of birds in those days because I love birds, and photographing them was good for my soul & gave me joy.

My first sale, $100.



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I read about Alamy in a photo mag (Not AP) in 2004. I sent them 48 images on several CD-ROMS - 48MB TIFFS i think. keyworded them and then heard nothing. In those days they said you would be removed if you didn't sell $75 gross in the first year. 

I assumed I had been removed. For some reason I thought they would e-mail me if I sold an image (!!)

Then on going through my bank account I found a payment of £180 and when I looked I had sold 3 images!

Life-changing it was!




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I joined in 2014 on the recommendation of a lovely professional photographer (Martin ?) who was running workshops for people interested in stock photography. He covered most of the major agencies but recommended Alamy as one of the better ones. Sadly, I don't think he is running workshops anymore otherwise I would recommend them to anyone starting out. My first pic (below) sold $7 gross but was enough to get me interested.


Sunlit Japanese Maneki Neko beckoning cats in a shop window in Soho, London, UK Stock Photo

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