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How can I get my CTR up.



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The only way to improve your CTR is for your images to be returned in a customer search (a view) and then for a registered customer to click on your image to view the details - a so called 'zoom'. Your CTR is calculated by the number of zooms divided by the number of views x 100 in any given period.


Obviously the chances of a customer clicking on your image to zoom it depends on a range of factors: the quality of the image and whether it is relevant to the subject the customer is looking for spring immediately to mind. Search the forum for advice on keywording in particular to maximize your chances. Also very high on the list would be increase the size of your portfolio, but avoid duplicating images and strive for quality.


One last point. If you are setting your photos as RF type licence you should know that Alamy recommend setting the 'sell for editorial only' flag if they contain unreleased property or people. Looking quickly at your portfolio I would put the Anstee sign and the graveyard in this category - there may be others.


Good luck.

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34 minutes ago, M.Chapman said:

More accurate captioning and tagging would help... e.g. 2HKDMJ6. Brexit?? Aerial??




Also 2HKH7T9.  Interior of a shepherd's hut? The main subject is tulips which would also require the common name of the tulip and its Latin name.




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