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19 minutes ago, Alexander Hog said:

I E-mailed National Trust for Scotland and their reply it was ok to sell as long as you put in that it is a National Trust of Scotland/England properties in your tags it was ok I have already put in a few national Trust properties without any problems 


Alamy does not generally validate if an image meets property requirements, this is up to the contributor, so being accepted without problem is not an indications.  Not saying images are not allowed, just saying that being available for licencing is not an indication that it is fine and their will not be problems later, the responsibility lies with the contributor- having your official confirmation from the Trust with official paper trail  is a better validation.

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You may have seen this, and it is a bit old (January 2018) but it highlights the different attitudes between the National Trust for Scotland  & our own National Trust ("the polar opposite")




I know which approach I respect.

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I wish I'd done my research properly beore my last holiday in Scotland. I had no idea the right to roam legislation would impact on National Trust Scotland's photographic policies and give me much more freedom for exterior stock photogaphy. 


Perhaps we ought to call up the spirit of the 1932 Kinder Scout mass tesspass and descend en-masse on some English NT properties in support of a right to stock photography 🙂

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