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Changes to the Alamy/Newpaper bulk use Fees?

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Two nice sales this morning, both for the same tabloid newspaper (the one that shines in the morning, unless it's raining and specifically in Ireland). I'm sure of that, because I saw them published weeks ago, before the sales dropped in. One was an inset image over the larger image (about half a page). The inset fee was just into $$$ and the larger one almost double that price. The sales came via Alamy Live News. 

I'm definitely not complaining, but a bit puzzled. I've had a lot of ALN sales with that newspaper, but have never had one above minimum or quite low $$. Just wondering if Alamy have changed their policy on buying in bulk and paying very low rates with some papers?

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That's very good news, though I'm also unsure whether that's much of a change. In my experience most print ALN licences have been just into the low $$$ (gross) area for the few years that I have been submitting them. The mid $$ licences were for web use, though they have dropped considerably over the last year towards standard UKNS levels.

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Thanks for the feedback. @kay Yes it was print use. @Avpics and @losdemas It's likely that most of my other sales for that paper were online use only, other than a couple that were around mid $$.

Interestingly, I got paid yesterday for another image from the same shoot, that was not submitted to Alamy. It was in the tabloid that you look at, in the bathroom. The fee I received was just over half of the gross amount of the larger sale from the Alamy tabloid. Meaning, to me at least, that you'll get roughly the same amount whether you sell directly or via Alamy.

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