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  1. Gardeners' World Magazine August 2021 Front Cover and pg 92 John Richmond Image ID PG73KK Male common blue butterfly, Polyommatus icarus, feeding on the nectar of the cape daisy, Osteospermum 'Tresco Purple' - flipped and lots of green added to background
  2. @Alamy Whether the terms in the new contract are more 'risky' than the old or not, I think it has quite rightly made a lot of us think hard about what those risks are. I do have professional indemnity insurance but need to find out if that does in fact cover the 'hold harmless' clauses etc before deciding what to do Before I contact my insurer could you please clarify how your overseas offices are legally structured - ie under what legal jurisdiction they fall. For example the office in the USA. If a case were to be brought by a customer of the American office against you/m
  3. The changes all look clearer and more reasonable to me but I will check with my insurance company to be sure. Thank you to Joseph and many others who picked up on this and dissected it, leading to the changes - I'd definitely not have read the detail otherwise 🙏😃
  4. Now I am confused. When I click on Personal Use as though buying there's no mention of blogs. Blogs is covered under the website license and should cost more, unless I'm missing something somewhere else?
  5. I've had a look on one of the larger competitor sites, and from the pics I looked at they do appear to do that. Rightly or wrongly I'm working my way through mine now, ticking 'editorial only' on most things bar plants and animals - don't need the stress
  6. @Alamy Thank you for your above update. Please confirm that given the potential change for wording, the 45 day notice period has been suspended until it is clear what the final terms are going to be. As it stands we are being given 45 days notice on a contract which may or may not be the final version
  7. 'Plus if Alamy then states they will only go after all these newly arising infringements if images are exclusive, it gets ridiculous. If I decided to remain exclusive, I'd want to be consulted first if Alamy did indeed decide to chase uses found that were i.e. my own direct (non agency) sales, specifically allowed previously. I do not want any of my client relationships endangered by an Agency contacting them without my consent. End of.' I asked a very similar question in the 'New Alamy Infringements Team' thread (April 29) and this was Alamy's reply 'We’ll always ask t
  8. Is anyone able to explain what this clause means? Think (hope) I've got it now - does it mean that we can't sue Alamy if one of our images is used in that way?
  9. That's what's annoying me more than anything right now - what a waste of time that all was. But at the end of the day I guess they can change their minds about exclusivity and reduce commission as often as they want . . .
  10. Crikey, thanks Steve, that was a mammoth effort. Definitely didn't expect to see 3 of my garden birds in there as I absentmindedly scrolled down that very long list. Much appreciated
  11. I thought they looked like viburnum berries - could it be Nannyberry (Viburnum Lentago)? (I'm not a berry expert, just have something in my garden in Scotland that looks similar )
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