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  1. If I ever have the option of having both I'll definitely get one as the D850 and rucksack is not my favourite combination, my shoulders are starting to feel it 😬
  2. I can't help with the Nikon/Sony decision, but if weight is a big consideration I'd check carefully the weight of lenses. I'm using the D850 and have the 24-70. It is heavy and cumbersome, but during a period when I was thinking should I go mirrorless for weight/size advantages I checked out the weight of equivalent NikonZ lenses, and was surprised at how little difference there often actually was, at least for the ones I used most. From memory the 70-200 lenses are almost identical in weight.
  3. my guess is a new typeface/rebranding (briefly visible at 0:02 in the video)
  4. As of this evening it's definitely still happening Image sold 18/6/21 $180.00 $90.00 $90.00 refunded and relicensed this evening for $75.00 $45.00 $30.00 🤦‍♀️
  5. I just assumed google was a distributor, getting a decent cut on all the click throughs from google searches - does anyone know?
  6. It isn't, no, and in an open forum I think it's probably best not to say
  7. Thanks James, but does this also include 'admin errors' in not billing for usages by a large account that uses alamy images on their instagram feed but never seems to get billed for them unless it is raised by us? A known problem. A problem that has been known about for a couple of years. It has taken me several emails over 12 months to finally get paid for 14 usages going back to March 2020 - meaning that I got 40% rather than 50%?
  8. My banking app says it's due in tomorrow (uk)
  9. Hi Pawal I see you are in Glasgow too 'Glasgow live' tend to have their finger on the pulse and is worth following, and Glasgow City Council website list road closures for filming/processions/protests etc https://www.glasgow.gov.uk/forms/futureprocessions/FutureProcessions.aspx If you have news access and are working in Glasgow and/or are there anyway weather photos of Glasgow are used almost daily . . .
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