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  1. @kayroxby random bits and bobs - some alamy
  2. Has the picture been taken down? I just had a look at the link and couldn't see it??
  3. I’m as confused as Sally as to why Alamy aren’t chasing his for you - I’d refer back for clarification if I were you My understanding of the wording that you have quoted from the unauthorised use form is that it means that they are unable to chase when a complete article has been directly copied including photos rather than if a photo has merely been copied and used for something else.
  4. WestJet Magazine - February 2019 KMF2KM Iain Masterton Exterior view of Scottish Poetry Library in Old Town of Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
  5. It does seem very confusing at first. It varies according to the buyer. Some sales - for example those for personal use, where a buyer has purchased an image using a credit card on line show almost instantly. Business users will often have an account with Alamy and then sales will take some time to show. These links hopefully explain it more clearly than me https://www.alamy.com/contributor/faqs/sales/?section=7 https://www.alamy.com/contributor/faqs/payment/?section=8 Good luck, Kay
  6. Sorry, yes, got a reply yesterday apologising and saying that they were fixing the issue (the incorrect split of even number sales) and that 'you shouldn't receive any more sales like this' and that an adjustment would be made to my account. I had 3 even numbered sales yesterday, and they were split evenly, so it's looking sorted as far as I can see so far
  7. Sorry, I maybe wasn't as clear as I could have been. The odd cents I suppose have to go one way or the other (mine all went Alamy's way) but the two I was referring to $101.48 and $9.02 were like Lynne said earlier - not an odd cent that couldn't be split, but a round amount that could have been split exactly in half, and for some strange reason wasn't. $101.48 should have been $50.74 each, not $50.75 and $50.73 etc - that's what's really puzzling me. I'm struggling to think of any reason why they've been split the way they have???
  8. Mmmm, that is weird. I've just checked back. I see now that out of my reported sales since the commission change, 2 aren't as expected. One for $101.48 has been split $50.75 and $50.73, and another for $9.02 split $4.52/$4.50 - both in alamy's favour. I can't imagine this is an intentional thing, but it is strange that something that seems so straightforward is sometimes being miscalculated. I will send an email querying it
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