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  1. Dashboard cleared balance difference.

    Yes mine's different too - hadn't noticed or even looked before. I've just looked on my sales report and see that I've got some sales that are showing as cleared today, but the figure on my dashboard isn't showing these clearances yet - it's still the same as it was before the weekend - but the figure on the Account balance page does seem to be showing them.
  2. On AIM go onto 'Attributes' and scroll down - I didn't realise there was an option to scroll either until it was mentioned on the forum a little while ago either :/ I'm working through mine now too!
  3. Adding model release

    Hi David Alamy changed this recently, but don't seem to have updated the info in the 'How to sell images on Alamy' instructions :/ This is the only mention of it I remember seeing
  4. much appreciated Bryan!
  5. Alamy exclusive default.

    top right on your AIM page - click on the little wheel
  6. Thanks for the spot Bryan
  7. People?

    😳 A few things here I hadn’t given too much thought to - looks like I might need to check my key wording at the same time as I go through cross referencing ‘exclusive’ v ‘non-exclusive’ - some long evenings ahead . . .
  8. Same as Sally - one from a while back was logged, and they said to wait for the others to come through in the usual way. They said they were going to raise it with the Sun, so hopefully they should all come through ok. Must just have been a complete oversight
  9. pixel-vault.s3-accelerate.amazonaws.com

    It seems to be a cloud file storage facility offered by Amazon - maybe whoever has bought the file uses them??? Seems very odd that you can see them though if that's the case.
  10. Sorry I'm a bit late (coincidentally have been up in Aberdeen!) but thanks Steven - good spot - it is Alamy
  11. No sales after a half year

    I think a big problem is with your tagging Are you getting views? Where are you images appearing in search results? I think fewer, very precise keywords help with placement, but that's from experience rather than factual knowledge. I wouldn't try to optimise discoverability - there are quite a few threads on this in the forum. I would spend some time checking the placement of your images for various search terms - eg 'baby marmot' - and experiment with your tagging to try and get a better placement of what you think are your best images of a subject. Having similars makes it difficult to do this, but it's not impossible, with careful use of phrases and supertags etc For example: If I were a buyer looking for a picture of someone hand feeding a marmot I would probably search for "hand feeding baby marmot" or "hand feeding marmot". If I do that, your lovely picture P93H0X doesn't appear, because it isn't tagged with "hand feeding" etc, yet you have tags "adventure", and "micro four thirds", which I would say aren't needed. Also, remember the title carries quite a lot of weight in searches, so a title like 'Have some food?" P93H0G isn't going to help your search placement at all. There is lots of help and advice on previous forum threads - worth having a good read. You have some really nice images, if I were you I would look at each one, think how it might be used, and tag it really carefully. Good luck
  12. I did wonder how you had managed to find 18!!! I'd forgotten about the arrow if there are multiple images in one post - congratulations! bit of a bonus! (but frustrating they seem to have been overlooked in the first place)
  13. Scottish Sun instagram feed - scottishsuninsta These have sometimes slipped through the reporting net for me, so probably worth keeping an eye on the feed, especially if you're photographing in Scotland and maybe also have a scroll through for any past ones (they sometimes use live news ones) Images used in January Highland Cow in field - looks like a crop of PR73EW Espen Helland Finnieston Crane & Squinty bridge at night - credited to Alamy but can't find it Whisky barrels at Lindores Abbey Distillery R0HA8C Iain Masterton Hillend Reservoir, Scotland sunset R0RT71 Egor Baliasov River Clyde at night with SSE Hydro and multicoloured Clyde Auditorium - credited to Alamy but can't find it Loup of Fintry sunrise PP9YGF George Robertson Stunning sunset over ruins at manish on the Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland R366FR Helen Hotson View at dusk of the new Queensferry Crossing bridge, Forth Road bridge and Forth Rail bridge from Port Edgar South Queensferry R8WB15 Ian Rotherford Night trails, of buses and tram, Princes Street, with Balmoral Clock ,Scott monument, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK RBJ7P8 Sally Anderson Yetholm, Kelso, Scottish Borders, UK. 16th January 2019. Jasmin Paris became the first woman to win the Montane Spine Race, and also broke the course record by 12 hours. The Montane Spine Race is widely regarded as one of the world’s toughest endurance races crossing the entire Pennine Way non-stop by foot in January. Crop of live news image RD4C1W Chris Stickland The entrance sign to The Barras market on a day of sunshine and showers lapsed live news RC3KY7 Skully Football pitch and recreation area in the grounds of former primary school in the district of Calton, Glasgow RC25HW Keith Lloyd Davenport This is the majestic mountain of Ben Rinnes in Moray, near the whisky capital town of Dufftown, Scotland lapsed live news RDDRY9 JasperImage Actor and WaterAid Ambassador Dougray Scott looks at the 800 schoolbags laid by WaterAid on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral lapsed live news RERK65 Oliver Dixon