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  1. No problem at all! Nothing showing as yet for me. Large publisher so they maybe have decent credit terms
  2. It's a view of The King's Knot from Stirling Castle - not far from me
  3. πŸ˜‚ thanks Bryan - that one’s having a good little run!
  4. Thanks for this - I didn't know it existed. Worth bearing in mind when looking for tagging inspiration or even photo ideas
  5. Hi George I had exactly the same problem and the way I checked was to: click 'Download sales report' on the dashboard date range in the 'net revenue sales report' - set the early date to some time before the date you uploaded the image you're checking and the 'to' date to today, and alter the drop down menu to the right of this to 'date of invoice' and click 'go' Once the page(s) have reloaded, click on the blue 'download' button I'm on a mac, so this may vary, but then I get an option to open a 'statement' which I open On my mac the statement opens in 'numbers' (like a spread sheet) I click on the top of the column containing the heading 'Alamy image ID' and the drop down arrow gives me the option to 'sort ascending' which makes it easy to find an image by its ID As you can probably tell by my descriptions I'm not very computer literate but hope that helps, and I would have thought if you're on windows it would all be pretty similar? Kay
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