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Another PU rant

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14 minutes ago, William Caram said:


Ahh the old Dung Heap of History....now there's a Crappy story 😀


Thanks John we can only keep making images and hope  they rise above the Dung variety....BTW your images are great.


Thanks for the kind words. I like to think that I have few worthwhile ones buried in there somewhere. However, this is a stock photography site. We're all trying to make a little extra needed cash at something we enjoy. Sometimes that means making some compromises when it comes to subject matter.

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1 hour ago, MizBrown said:

Actual dung photo, more politely described as White-tailed Deer droppings.



That's a potentially useful image. As you know, wildlife guides sometimes use "scat" images. I'd definitely classify that one as "PU", though. 🤢

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Editorial royalty free use on websites apps social media - $


This sale would have been suspicious to some, if priced as a Personal Use, but the price would have been 8 times higher.


Not complaining however, as the Alamy monthly payment is more important than any individual sale.

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