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Messing with pseudos.

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When my portfolio hit the 8k mark i split it into 2 pseudos. Zoom levels were ok and rank was page 7.

When i hit 10k I split into 7 pseudos. Zooms were declining and rank dropped to page 17.

I have now reverted back to 2 pseudos. Zooms are picking back up.Will have to wait a full cycle to judge change in rankng.


My questions are has anyone gone through the same process of splitting pseudos?


Did splitting up your portfolio give any noticeable improvement in zooms and ranking?


Did you switch back to one pseudo?


Could all this messing around affect your sales?


Does it make no difference at all?


What is the best way to manage your images one pseudo or multiple?




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To be honest I do not have sufficient images for more than one pseudo but had thought about putting my sellers and most zoomed into a seperate pseudo.


After reading other threads on this subject in the old forum and the possible reduced ranking I decided against it.



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Splitting a collection into more than pseudos has a couple of effects.

The newly-created one will have a median ranking until the next re-rank.

Your 'better' pseudos will have a better ranking than your original, others will be below where you were. Winners and losers.

I've split mine into five, according to subject matter. I find keywording studio images a lot more straightforward than travel or other subjects and that pseudo has a much higher ranking and better sales. It tends to appear on the first page, which is very useful in searches with a lot of competition. Those are also easily my best-selling images.

My travel images have a much lower ranking and popular subjects tend to get lost in the search, though I have had a couple of surprising sales against stiff opposition (Grand Canal Venice, for example - why mine?!)

If I bunched all mine together again, my travel images might appear slightly higher up in searches but as I think my studio stuff is always more likely to sell, I am happy with it having the higher ranking and more exposure.

I have recently started covering news and sport. I have given those images their own pseudos, partly because I have no idea how they will perform and that's easier to track if they are separate, and partly because I have given them far more keywords to cover both their news value and stock potential, which might mean their CTR is quite low.


When your images get up into the high thousands, I find they are a bit more manageable anyway. Pseudos give another search term to differentiate when you are going through your portfolio, keywording etc.

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I have split my collection over 4 pseudos.


1 - RM Images which are new or performing

2 - RF Images which are new or performing

3 - Poor performing images

4 - Non performing images.


New images go into pseudo 1 or 2.

If they have no sales or zooms after 2 years they are relegated to pseudo 4.

Pseudo 4 images which have a subsequent sale or zoom are then promoted to pseudo 3. If they subsequently have more than 1 zoom or sale per 2 years they are promoted back to pseudo 1 or 2.


In this way pseudo 1 and 2 are kept relatively high in the rankings. Dubious images are not discarded and may prove late starters. Pseudo 3 also seems to maintain a reasonable place in the rankings.


It works for me.




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