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For a well- mixed collection of 8000,  80/year isn't bad. But it takes a few years to get to that rate and you have a lot of similars. So maybe half that as a target.

Your fashion collection seems decent though- maybe ensure it's well tagged?

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I think less than half, because I chose this genre which is in great demand but not here




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Studio shots of models on seamless.

Blue background looks horrible. Generally colored and darker backgrounds were popular 20-30 years ago.

Do the same but high key. That is, contemporary style is using a background that light, almost white, maybe even overblown highlights, but, importantly, somewhat graduated (non-uniform). Better yet, more in-demand style is some high-key, out-of-focus background that gives a hint of a location (ex, home, office, beach, cafe, park, city, etc) for context. In the studio you could use some out-of-focus props to achieve that "location" feel.



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There are 91,978 images of Milan Fashion Week and 121,423 of Milan Fashion on Alamy.

Now how many searches have there been by clients?

For that go and search All of Alamy. Try: %milan%fashion%

Let me do that for you. For the whole of 2020 this is the result:


Search Term:                                                                                                                                                                                                            Amount of searches:

milan fashion week 2
milano fashion week 1
Milan, Italy. 21st Feb, 2020. VERSACE FW20 Runway during Milan Fashion Week February 2020 Milan, Italy 21/02/2020 1
milan fashion runway finale 1
milan fashion week 2020 1
milan fashion week versace 1
Milan Women's Fashion Week on September 25 1
STOCK PHOTO of Italian runway in Milan during fashion week with stylish colorful clothing, featuring men and women, if possible, from one of the famou 1
milan fashion 1
milan fashion runway finale men 1
milan fashion runway men 1


Even taking into account that this was a strange year, I think it's fair to say there's not much of a market here.



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