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Good Morning Everyone,


I have been a member of Alamy for a while but never got around to using the forum but now i have. I madew my first sale on here in September and i am looking at using the site a lot more. I mainly shoot landcapes,wildlife and nature,


Kind Regards

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Hi John, welcome. 


I know you haven't asked for feedback, but just a small point. You've got some really great pictures. Your keywords look pretty good. But your captions are very short - captions are given about the same weight as keywords by Alamy for searches. Location information you put in the 'optional information' tab is not searchable by clients. You could also include the Latin name in the caption for the blue tits. 


'Cold Bury sunrise - Image ID: 2ACK04B'

You could put something like:

Sunrise turning the sky orange on a cold autumn morning looking across grassy fields in Bury, Lancashire, UK


+1 to what Michael says about lots of photos and congrats on your first sale.


Good luck,


Edited by Steve F
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Welcome John.

+1 to what both Steve F and Michael have said. You need to expand your captions to be better descriptive of your images. Accuracy is very important too; check your image HN9AN8 which is a Singer sewing machine.

Keep uploading and put in the 'slog' with keywords and captions. Good luck.

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