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Art Nerio


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Definitely no watermark, you would fail QC.


I know you didn't ask for feed back, but I had a very quick peep at your portfolio. Before expanding your portfolio, you might want to spend some time reviewing your captions and tags. Dana Point. Are we supposed to know where on the planet that is? Not even a country name?  You are are supplying to a British library with an international market.


You have minimal tags, in some cases I can't figure out what's going on. I would recommend that you do more reading about what is required on Alamy, otherwise your images will not be found and you'll have no sales.


This is meant well.


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I think your bee is a hoverfly.  Image ID: T4NMJR    Hoverflies are bee mimics -- and Facebook has a good group for IDing them.   Also, you'd have a better chance of selling plant images if you have the common name(s) and the scientific names (and sometimes, people do search using older scientific names).   Image ID T0TM31 is an accident on race track.  If this is Quarter Horse racing, you want to put that in all the captions and then in the tags.

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