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Resizing photographs to 17mb

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I use a Nikon P900 camera and after cropping my photographs I find they are the wrong size for Alamy, can anyone help with me correcting sizes for this site.

Thank You 

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Yes, sadly Alamy won't accept pictures from your camera, the physical size of the 1/ 2/3" sensor is too small at 6.17 x 4.55 mm. They recommend Micro 4/3 as a minimum (17.3 x 13 mm) though some high quality cameras with slightly smaller sensors will get through in the right hands ( see Sony RX100).


However when looking for an alternative camera I think you're probably misunderstanding the '17MB minimum uncompressed file size and confusing it with the '16MP' resolution of your camera. Many new contributors do get confused over this. In fact 17MB uncompressed equates more or less to 3000 x 2000 pixels or 6MP so you could in theory have cropped your 4608 x 3456 pixel images quite considerably - though significant cropping isn't always a good idea as perceived sharpness will go down also and any lens defects will be magnified.


Take a look at this (slightly out of date) Alamy blog post:





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As above, don't waste your time working on pix from this camera. They will never be accepted. Depending on your budget, you should aim for interchangeable lenses- DSLR or mirrorless. Very few fixed-lens camera images are suitable for Alamy, and those that are need very careful processing. Even experienced contributors here have had difficulty with them at times.

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20- 24 MP (APSC or full frame sensors) are a good size for a camera that will give some flexibility in cropping.


I have Sony mirrorless:  two a7 full frame bodies (one used, both under $1K US each) and one a6000 APSC crop sensor.   Sony mirrorless is a relatively new system so less expensive used lenses are not as easy to find as used lenses from older systems.


A number of people here really like Fuji mirrorless.  


Most DSLR or mirrorless camera bodies released in the five to ten years by Pentax, the micro 43rds makers (Panasonic and Olympus), Fuji, Sony, Canon, or Nikon should be acceptable, though more recent cameras will have more bells and whistles. 

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