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Printing companies, UK

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I wonder if anyone has a recommendation for a printer ? I use Loxley for my 'proper' individual prints but I'm looking for somewhere

that can print acceptable quality prints of 6"x9" / A4 at a good price in quantities of eg 50 or 100 per image.

I currently sell greetings cards through various local outlets and am wanting to produce an affordable mounted but un-framed print for re-sale. 


Ta very much


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Thanks Bryan. 

I'm finding that the actual print can be quite cheap but that mounting it on to eg a thin card is the pricey bit - eg nearly £4 per 6x9 at Peak Imaging.

It would make the finishing and presentation much easier if the prints were either mounted or printed directly onto a thicker medium as it's 

a messy, fiddly process mounting piles of prints at home.




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Quantity Standard Price Panoramic Price
50 £30.00 £47.50
75 £39.75 £60.00
100 £48.00 £74.00
150 £60.00 £105.00
200 £76.00 £130.00
250 £95.00 £150.00
300 £105.00 £159.00
350 £115.50 £175.00
400 £124.00 £188.00
450 £135.00 £202.50
500 £145.00 £210.00
600 £174.00 £252.00
700 £196.00 £294.00
800 £208.00 £320.00
900 £225.00 £360.00
1000 £230.00 £370.00
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