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  1. Equipment security

    Thanks , I'll look into that Wim. As a 'better than nothing' measure I've written my email address on a piece of masking tape stuck onto the body under the articulating screen on the camera. If some honest person ever found this one it would hopefully ease it's return. Geoff
  2. Unable to load images.

    see this discussion..... Geoff
  3. Upload not working?

    I haven't managed to get a batch to upload in one go for some time. Yesterday managed about 75% of the first attempt, then about 30% of the second try before it seizes up. Not large batches either, generally 10-30 images.
  4. Equipment security

    Having just lost a Fuji X-T2 with 16-55 2.8 lens (don't ask, too painful. It may have been stolen as it's a total mystery otherwise), I wondered if anybody marked their camera with their personal details ? Wondered about marking the replacement with my email address somehow that is fairly permanent but doesn't mark the camera. By the way, a big recommendation for Allianz insurance - my replacement was in my hands, with a minimum of fuss, less than 24 hours after notifying them of the loss. Geoff
  5. waterproof cameras

    Thanks for the replies. I'm not thinking of getting into 'proper' underwater photography. I do a lot of sea kayaking and other activities that are a potentially harmful to cameras so a waterproof or at the very least very weather resistant, small camera would be useful - a waterproof Sony rx100 would be ideal. Seems to me to be a gap in the market and each year I hope that someone might fill it, though apparently not yet.
  6. waterproof cameras

    My son asked me the other day if I wanted to go halves with him on a GOPRO. He wants it for video whereas I'm not particularly interested in that, though I am interested in a waterproof camera that would be acceptable for Alamy. I'm assuming Gopro's aren't. Last time I looked, there didn't seem to be anything much on the market ( I tend to have a look at this time each year) . The Olympus TG5 has RAW but a small sensor. Don't suppose anyone knows of anything new or in the pipeline theat would firstly meet my requirements and secondly which might also satisfy the boy for his (helmet mounted ?) video ? Thanks Geoff
  7. Slight digression, on the subject of polarizers I have read that linear polarizers are better for mirrorless cameras than circular ones. Is that so ? Geoff
  8. Workflow advice please

    Thanks Betty and others, You really don't know how rubbish I am at the actual management and fundamentals of computing. I'm competent with a camera and my processing is basic but seems adequate but I struggle with PC basics.....simple stuff like files, folders, sensible storage etc. For example I have just worked out this morning how to just import the RAF files off the camera ie not the jpegs as well. I will then convert them to DNG and store the DNG's in a separate location so that they can be deleted easily when finished with. I should end up with just the RAF file and the final jpeg now, which is a vast improvement on the previous situation. Your advice has helped me to fumble along a bit further, but feel free to roll your eyes.
  9. Workflow advice please

    Just to clarify a bit - I'm reluctant to invest more time an money in new software. As you have probably gathered, I'm a slow learner when it comes to tech, and I don't do an awful lot of PP so I feel Elements is probably about my 'level'. I updated Elements when I got the XT1 as it wasn't compatible with my previous version, then I got the XT2 which requires another updated version to enable ACR. So...ACR not an option and Irident X transformer was recommended on here as a better alternative to Adobe DNG converter. Would like to stick with my current set up but tidy it up a bit, as has been said it's about finding the system that works for you. Maybe I don't need to shoot jpegs as well, and perhaps I could delete the DNG's after use and just keep the RAF files. Thanks for the responses so far, I do value the advice. the other,other Geoff S
  10. Workflow advice please

    Hello clever people.. Could somebody suggest a workflow to this techno-idiot please ? I am using a Fuji X-T2, Irident X transformer and PS Elelments 13. Elements 13 isn't compatible with ACR and the X-T2 which is one reason why I am using the X transformer for RAW processing. At the moment I import the images ( RAW + JPEG), convert the RAW to DNG with the X Transformer and go from there to Elements. Two things strike me about this - firstly it's a bit long winded but also I end up storing the original RAF and the converted DNG of each image (+ jpegs) which to me means that I'm filling my storage space at twice the rate that I used to do. I'm looking for a solution that will save me time but also be more economical with my hard drives. As you probably have gathered I struggle to get my head round most things computer-related ! Thanks for indulging me, Geoff
  11. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    Not an actual result yet, but my CTR for March currently stands at 10.71 I'm confident I can keep it up there and that very soon sales will rain down on me like er.. rain. No way is it a fluke.
  12. Fuji X RAW STUDIO

    yes, definitely sharper, thanks. Geoff
  13. Fuji X RAW STUDIO

    ok thanks, I've downloaded the trial. Now I 'll have to see if I can spot the benefits...though I was pleasantly surprised to see that it doesn't cost the earth to buy ( £23 ). Any particular types of image that I might be able to see the improvements on ? Geoff
  14. Fuji X RAW STUDIO

    I'm currently using the Adobe DNG converter. Would there be a discernible benefit in using the X Transformer ? Geoff
  15. Fuji X RAW STUDIO

    I believe that this new software has been released for Mac and shortly will be for Windows. Anybody had any experience of it or thoughts about it ? I need to upgrade my version of Elements to access ACR for the X-T2, and am wondering if this Fuji converter might be a valid alternative. thanks Geoff