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  1. Thanks guys. In short then, it doesn't really amount to much ! May have to try and apply for News access as suggested.
  2. Hello all, after the changes to Live News I received an email which said "As you are someone who has uploaded news imagery that has later sold as secondary stock, we’ve given you access to the archive / reportage route which means you can upload similar work for secondary sales, but it won’t be pinged to the news desks." Being a bit thick, I'm not entirely sure what that means in practice. Could someone with the patience to do so explain it to me please. I've had 'archive' access for some time - is this different ? I live in Buxton which is famous for 2 things - snow and the Buxton Festival - which are the things I have mainly sent to Live News in the past. When it next snows (probably next week) will submitting via 'reportage' give me any advantage over the standard submission ? Thanks
  3. Ah, I see what you mean. That's answered that one then !
  4. I was away when the 'my portfolio' feature was introduced and then we had the furor over the contract change. So now that the dust has settled a little, is the Portfolio feature worth spending time on ? Are there any tangible benefits or is it pure frippery ? Geoff
  5. I've noticed that some people include in their captions / keywords information such as "space left for copy" to describe the layout/composition of the image. Any thougts about the merits of this ? Geoff
  6. Apologies if this has been mentioned but I've been away for a while and come back to this whole contract sh*tstorm... Alamy can the 'exclusive' button be included in the default preferences options please ? Thanks
  7. So in Alamy's tutorial we have 8 pictures of a shipwreck, and yet 'shipwreck' isn't a supertag ?
  8. I wonder if any of you have any experience with solar chargers that you can attach to a backpack ? Looking to recharge camera batteries efficiently without huge weight or price tag. Thanks Geoff
  9. Just about to say the same; with white or black pen depending on mount colour
  10. Thanks , I'll look into that Wim. As a 'better than nothing' measure I've written my email address on a piece of masking tape stuck onto the body under the articulating screen on the camera. If some honest person ever found this one it would hopefully ease it's return. Geoff
  11. see this discussion.....https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/9783-upload-not-working/ Geoff
  12. I haven't managed to get a batch to upload in one go for some time. Yesterday managed about 75% of the first attempt, then about 30% of the second try before it seizes up. Not large batches either, generally 10-30 images.
  13. Having just lost a Fuji X-T2 with 16-55 2.8 lens (don't ask, too painful. It may have been stolen as it's a total mystery otherwise), I wondered if anybody marked their camera with their personal details ? Wondered about marking the replacement with my email address somehow that is fairly permanent but doesn't mark the camera. By the way, a big recommendation for Allianz insurance - my replacement was in my hands, with a minimum of fuss, less than 24 hours after notifying them of the loss. Geoff
  14. Thanks for the replies. I'm not thinking of getting into 'proper' underwater photography. I do a lot of sea kayaking and other activities that are a potentially harmful to cameras so a waterproof or at the very least very weather resistant, small camera would be useful - a waterproof Sony rx100 would be ideal. Seems to me to be a gap in the market and each year I hope that someone might fill it, though apparently not yet.
  15. My son asked me the other day if I wanted to go halves with him on a GOPRO. He wants it for video whereas I'm not particularly interested in that, though I am interested in a waterproof camera that would be acceptable for Alamy. I'm assuming Gopro's aren't. Last time I looked, there didn't seem to be anything much on the market ( I tend to have a look at this time each year) . The Olympus TG5 has RAW but a small sensor. Don't suppose anyone knows of anything new or in the pipeline theat would firstly meet my requirements and secondly which might also satisfy the boy for his (helmet mounted ?) video ? Thanks Geoff
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