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  1. A few Alamy pic.s of wintery scenes in the Dec issue of Woman and Home, inc one of mine. Sorry can't furnish you with any more specific - or indeed useful - details !
  2. Thanks Mick, I've emailed them. Digitalab were an additional £5 per 6"x9" to mount ! I know it's a faff but....
  3. Thanks Bryan. I'm finding that the actual print can be quite cheap but that mounting it on to eg a thin card is the pricey bit - eg nearly £4 per 6x9 at Peak Imaging. It would make the finishing and presentation much easier if the prints were either mounted or printed directly onto a thicker medium as it's a messy, fiddly process mounting piles of prints at home. Geoff
  4. Cheers Richard, I've emailed them with a couple of questions (Photobox, as mentioned above, don't do bulk discounts on prints - despite offering it on the website) Geoff
  5. Thanks Keith, I see they offer bulk discounts. I've asked for prices
  6. I wonder if anyone has a recommendation for a printer ? I use Loxley for my 'proper' individual prints but I'm looking for somewhere that can print acceptable quality prints of 6"x9" / A4 at a good price in quantities of eg 50 or 100 per image. I currently sell greetings cards through various local outlets and am wanting to produce an affordable mounted but un-framed print for re-sale. Ta very much Geoff
  7. Many thanks SShep - a front cover and another one inside. The question is would the combined fee justify buying a copy ?
  8. Update to the update... I've had a reply to the effect that "we were inundated with people wanting to take up the offer, presumably at those rates, so we don't need you or your bolshy re-negotiation bol***ks, but have a good day"
  9. Update ....I replied expressing my interest and a .modicum of enthusiasm but questioning the rates and asking about rights, image rights etc. And......nowt ! I imagine my reply was metaphoricaly screwed up and tossed into the bin.
  10. Thanks Ed and also thanks to Chris Hellier who pm'd me to offer some very helpful info. I've tried to thank you via email, Chris, but it keeps bouncing back.
  11. Thanks for the replies so far - the message is clear ! I'll try a bit of negotiation. I suspect that the reply may be of the take it or leave it variety. I guess that as with stock photography, the power is largely in the buyer's hands.
  12. Out of the blue, I've been contacted by an on-line photography tuition business asking if I'm interested in writing an e-book. They appear to be well established and one of the more prominent of these types of outfit. They had seen my images in an international photo competition They pay $6 per 100 words and an e-book is 20 - 30,000 words. Has anybody done this type of work ? Is that a fair pay rate ? I'm interested in doing it - it would be a new challenge and you never know what might lead from it - but it's not something I have any experience o
  13. Thanks Kumar, very interesting though ,as you say, confirms what is the unfortunate reality
  14. Excellent achievement. re: The average of $10 per image, that also seems to be an impressive statistic. Is it skewed by better revenue in the early part of your Alamy career ? Anybody else getting similar averages ? And if so, are you getting that in, say, the past 5 years ? Mine seems to be a paltry $1.60 per image, which is light years away from Doc's numbers.
  15. I was about to post the same question - submissions have been going through QC in the blink of an eye for a while but yesterday's are still twiddling their thumbs in the virtual waiting room
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