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October 2020 favorite uploads

Bill Brooks

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I think using flash with animals depends on a lot of factors. In Africa the only animals we were told we mustn't use flash with were the bush babies that would visit us at dinner. They have those enormous (and enormously cute) eyes and are nocturnal so not accustomed to light. https://blog.wcs.org/photo/2018/04/13/bush-baby-ewok-star-wars-galago-bronx-zoo-africa/



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This was a re-do to get the faces brighter.    Nicaraguan campesino father and daughters.  I don't think anyone would have clicked on the darker version in thumbnail form. 




This was one taken with my former Panasonic GF1 when I was on Ometepe Island.  Did some massaging in Photoshop.   It's called Maraca Ginger here by the English speaking expats.  It's originally from Asia and is a common tropical ornamental ginger here.




And this one also needed some work but I liked the blond foreigners interacting with the Mexican street clown.  Hadn't put either of the last ones up before.  2D8DRY2.jpg



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