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5 hours ago, Cal said:


it looks like you have used fill flash for this pic. I can see why - it looks good - but weren't you worried about scaring the bird or hurting its eyes? I have never used flash around wildlife for this reason.

Cal, yes, I did use fill flash but this is taken from about 12 meters away as the nest is in a neighbours yard with me up the top of a ladder in our yard. The nest is in shadow much of the rest of the day from overhanging branches and it's impossible to light the birds otherwise. The babies are fine, in fact one fell out of the nest prematurely so we took it into care each night, but put it in a hanging planter each morning in line of sight with the nest and the parents fed it. Once it was strong enough to fly a bit, we left it out overnight and the parents encouraged it to a safe spot overnight. Now, it's sibling has left the nest and both chicks are well and almost fledged. They live in our yard a lot of the time in the trees, and the parents have been bringing them down onto the lawn to learn to feed. I was hanging washing out this morning and parents and chicks were still wandering around the yard, so seem to be quite used to my presence.

This morning, I have noted that the parents are now building a new nest in our yard, directly above our bird feeding area. I hope we don't have to become surrogate parents again. But if a chick comes out of the nest too early, it will certainly become cat food it we don't help it.

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18 hours ago, Cal said:

scaring the bird or hurting its eyes?

I found this assertion so odd that I had a think about it. It certainly never seems to disturb our domestic wildlife.

This zoologist thinks not. No more disturbing than a flash of lightning, especially in daylight.


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I think using flash with animals depends on a lot of factors. In Africa the only animals we were told we mustn't use flash with were the bush babies that would visit us at dinner. They have those enormous (and enormously cute) eyes and are nocturnal so not accustomed to light. https://blog.wcs.org/photo/2018/04/13/bush-baby-ewok-star-wars-galago-bronx-zoo-africa/



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This was a re-do to get the faces brighter.    Nicaraguan campesino father and daughters.  I don't think anyone would have clicked on the darker version in thumbnail form. 




This was one taken with my former Panasonic GF1 when I was on Ometepe Island.  Did some massaging in Photoshop.   It's called Maraca Ginger here by the English speaking expats.  It's originally from Asia and is a common tropical ornamental ginger here.




And this one also needed some work but I liked the blond foreigners interacting with the Mexican street clown.  Hadn't put either of the last ones up before.  2D8DRY2.jpg



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