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First 3 pictures submitted over & over again appears later as 2 which is eventually unapproved. What do I do?

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Anytime I try uploading my first 3 Stock photos for approval though it shows 3 photos are submitted it ends up appearing as 2 in it's course of processing which is ultimately ultimately unapproved. This is 8th time it's happening. Please help me out. Thanks 

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Are you uploading the same three images each time ?

Try uploading three different images.

Watch the upload process carefully and be sure they all upload correctly.

If they upload correctly they will be examined by QC.


Note – to be sure you get replies this type of query should be posted in the "Community support: ask the forum" section of the forum.

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Are the images the same size, or is the failing image smaller? If so check Alamy's size requirements.




- and be sure all three images are saved as JPG Baseline (standard). 


PS This forum is about ideas to change the forums - You should probably have posted your question in "Ask the forum"



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