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Found 5 results

  1. In these uncertain times, which of the big players will be able to maintain a market presence in the face of declining revenue in stock photography? We often hear that the market is saturated, is Alamy/PA's business plan/strategy strong enough to weather the storm? Do we know what the plan is, I'm assuming it is published somewhere?
  2. Anytime I try uploading my first 3 Stock photos for approval though it shows 3 photos are submitted it ends up appearing as 2 in it's course of processing which is ultimately ultimately unapproved. This is 8th time it's happening. Please help me out. Thanks
  3. Hi, I’m Alex, a new user here at Alamy. My test submission images were rejected for no metadata, but how exactly do I add EXIF data to my images? Do I upload a new image with all the data, or is there a special place for me to input it?
  4. Hey everyone, I’m Alex, a new photographer at Alamy. I’ve got a few questions :) 1) How long exactly does it take for my images to be reviewed? I’ve heard a day and 3 weeks, but I just wanted some confirmation. :) 2) Is there a way I can stay signed in? Every time I sign in, after awhile I’m out again... 3) Can I not add a payment method (for now)? I’m willing to add one later, but will my account balance be rest if I add/change one? 4) Will my images go live after I add the tags/title/etc., or does Alamy have to do a quick check? :) 5) How can I create and access my portfolio? I know the URL is something like alamy.com/portfolio/username, but it doesn’t work... Thanks!
  5. Hi from Cape Town I started with Alamy mid June last year but only really started to upload recently, meanwhile I have had a sale and recently zooms have increased with lots of views but no more sales! After having read lots of posts on this forum, I know I need to add many more images before I can see proper movement, however I do have a few questions .... I have noticed many images with incorrect place names and spam names around the Cape Town search field e.g. Camps Bay and Hout Bay will have tags like Garden Route and views from Chapmans Peak etc (all totally incorrect) obviously posted by tourists who have visited here and can't remember where they had been! I sent a message to Contributers but was told that they trust people to put the correct tags and titles into their images when they upload, however they did say that if I could let them have image ref numbers they would contact the people to change them but I can't imagine a buyer purchasing an image of Camps Bay only to be told a few months later after they have published it, that actually that's nowhere near Camps Bay but a few hundred kilometres further north of Cape Town! Normally if I can't remember exactly where I was I would refrain from uploading those images instead of guessing or spamming, anyone else feel the same way? I have a few images from when I first started to upload on Alamy that I would love to re edit and put up for sale again (they were too dark or not cropped properly) is there any way that I can do this without deleting them and reuploading as brand new images? Thanks Childa
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