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  1. Dear All, I currently have one star out of three as a QC rating. This is disgraceful, I let things worsen because I was busy with other projects and work and now I have to wait like 15 days every time Alamy reject a batch. I really regret let things rot this way, but this system is really punitive. After all I have over 5000 images uploaded and I am a valuable member of this community... Do you know what I have to do to improve my QC rating issue? Can I ask Alamy to have me start from scratch or something? Thanks for any reply!
  2. Hello fellow Shooters, I am a little bit frustrated with Alamy's customer service. Back in the day, when there was an issue it was promptly taken care and the staff seemed to really care about resolving whatever needed to be resolved. Now, it's always, Go Ask For Help In The Forum. lol. Anyway, this is my problem. I have not changed anything when it comes to color space, uploading procedures, absolutely nothing. So I don't understand why I am having this issue. Whether I "drag and drop" or choose my images to upload the same thing happens. The images show up on the computer screen, but instead of them just uploading one after another at a generally brisk speed, instead it is taken sometimes 30 minutes or more for one to upload. Once all of them are uploaded I get an error message saying that the upload could not be completed. As I stated previously, nothing in my workflow has changed. All the images come from the same two cameras I always use. The DPI is roughly the same as is the size. In all the years I've been with Alamy this has never happened. I am bottlenecked at the moment because I can't move work. Does anybody have an idea why this is happening and what can be done to fix the problem? Thank you. Luciano Leon Luciano Leon Photography
  3. Any help would be appreciated! My images seem to sporadically load with issues & flaws. For past few months I’ve giving up trying to upload completely as every image gets a message it’s to small. I’ve tried every size and get the same message. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling and that seems to worsened the problem! Any help would be appreciated, I’m guessing it’s something obvious I’m overlooking! Thanks!
  4. Sorry if this is old hat but I am a fairly new member. I understand QC and all my images have been accepted and are on sale. On my latest upload one image of a set of very similar images was rejected at the upload stage (Not QC) The image is just under 30MB and taken in succession with the other images in the batch with the same camera and settings. One image is neither here nor there but I wonder what was wrong with it on at the second of upload for future reference. What does upload itself look for? I am very happy that all of my actual completed uploads were accepted and past QC over the last couple of weeks. Thanks for Any help.
  5. Anytime I try uploading my first 3 Stock photos for approval though it shows 3 photos are submitted it ends up appearing as 2 in it's course of processing which is ultimately ultimately unapproved. This is 8th time it's happening. Please help me out. Thanks
  6. https://www.alamy.com/myupload/index.aspx?login=1 Anytime I try uploading my first 3 Stock photos for approval though it shows 3 photos are submitted it ends up appearing as 2 in it's course of processing which is ultimately unapproved. This is 8th time it's happening. Please help me out. Thanks
  7. My default upload route is via the browser but since updating my Mac, I can once again do so via FTP which used to be a helluva lot faster. QC for reportage was instaneous - but the batch I've just FTPd hasn't appeared after half an hour. Is FTP no longer the fast track of old??
  8. Hello there ... I am new for Alamy ... :) I upload set of images to alamy , but all show as " Poor discoverabilty " anyone know how to change it in to optimized discoverability ??? Please help me ... I have No idea ... Thank you
  9. Hi, I'm trying to upload images, but I cannot save images to their uncompressed state (above 17mb). I have JPEG files that are 6mb+ and when in Photoshop, they're about 45mb. But I cannot seem to save them as this uncompressed size? I have Adobe CS6 - I've seen posts about 'Save for Web' or 'legacy' but when I try this, the images only go upto 8MB. .tiff files are the correct size, but I can't upload them Please can I have some help, I'd love to upload images Cheers
  10. Anyone having uploading issues at present? Several times today I've uploaded new images, clicked the Finish button and everything crashes. Other times I've uploaded and clicked the Finish button and only half my images go to QC. Anyone have any idea why this is happening or if there is a fix?
  11. I've a horrible feeling that I know the answer to this problem - the transmission cables under the oceans from eight time-zones away cause delays. Here goes. When I FTP 20 files to Alamy, about nine of them fail to upload. There is a red text message saying that it timed out. I wouldn't mind so much if there was some way to know which files had failed, because I could just resend them. Yesterday, I tried watching the green progress bar, noting the name which was nearest to 100%. Immediately the file reached 100% I checked if it had failed or succeeded, and wrote down the ones that failed. Then I re-sent the failed ones. The method works, but I have to keep alert, because my mind wanders when what I am watching is as exciting as watching the grass grow. Is there some way to get a list of files that timed out. Perhaps there is some way to set up Filezilla to allow more time before timing out? Ian
  12. Newish to Alamy so needed some advice Although I joined a few years ago only posted a few photos then not used this site for a few years. I am having issues with Processing the images I download and then fill in all the relevant information on the right...after that it seems to take an age while i just see the 'processing' screen and nothing happens What am i doing wrong?
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