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Macintosh Madness

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11 hours ago, Ed Rooney said:

I make mistakes and I've found it hard to retain my focus over this long day. I'll give it another try in the morning. 


Edo I had a thought about your keyboard problem.


Click on the little apple top left and open System preferences. Click on the keyboard. Now go to Input Sources. Check to see if it says British and if not that is your problem.




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2 minutes ago, Ed Rooney said:

Hmm. I'll try it. Why not?


When you sent me the screenshots I did point out that you had a Spanish keyboard selected but you said that was not the issue (with the weird key problem that is).

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I went trough the motion of checking the language on both my MacBooks. As I thought, they both are set on British English.


Anyway, I solved the keyboard problem by reinstalling the macOS. In doing so, I created this sign-in problem.To repeat: I do not have a keyboard problem anymore. 


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