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Betty LaRue

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Hi Everyone,


We’ve taken the decision to shut down this thread because we feel the conversation is not relevant to the Alamy Forum.


We realise this may be disappointing to some of you, but the Alamy Forum was originally set up for photographers to discuss photography and all things Alamy, where photographers could offer support and advice to fellow contributors, and where we could provide clarity and a quick response on any developments to keep you informed.


Unfortunately, we no longer have the resource to monitor a thread in the Forum that isn’t about Alamy or photography-related subjects in general. We think it would be more important to be helping contributors with their queries in the inbox, curating content to present to our customers to drive sales, running the POTM competition and chasing infringements amongst many other projects.


By all means, feel free to express yourself when replying to each other, whilst adhering to the Forum guidelines, however, the thread for a main subject needs to generally stay to the topic and in keeping with the original reasons for the Alamy Forum.





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