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How do people promote their images after photographing an event?


I Photographed the "World Pasty Championships" last weekend


Selected images were submitted and available as Live News over the weekend


On the Monday I also sent some links out to the winning companies with an Alamy Lightbox, https://www.alamy.com/search/lightbox/4081625.html  and direct links the certificate presentations images.


I see one of them now have a post on Facebook - but have just used the Alamy Watermarked images! (cheapskates!)




So far - no sales form the event :-(


For some of these things, I see much more press about the event a few weeks before, promoting it, using last years photos - maybe they will sell next year!




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1 minute ago, spacecadet said:

They say "courtesy of" you- have you actually given permission? If not it's an infringement. Send them a bill.


No - I sent them an email which said


"Alamy Live News Feed - These were posted throughout the day and are available to licence for any editorial and other commercial uses"

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Then they need to pay for a licence- and thanks to the email they know it. That makes the infringement flagrant. You can't eat "courtesy of".

Get screenshots now in case they delete them and watch out for any other uses.

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You could tell them you’d like to eat a free cornish pasty every day for the rest of the year ‘courtesy’ of Rowes Cornish Bakers and see how they respond!

Seriously, send screen grabs to Alamy and let them sort it out.

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