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  1. For me it was 2007 and 2008. I Made more money in those 2 years than in the following 6 combined, and I've not had a $25k year for 9 years.
  2. Thanks for finding out this information. Did they give an indication what the premiums would be for the cover? I still find it frustrating that we've got to the point of looking for specialist insurance cover based on a clause in a contract.
  3. Many years ago the Alamy homepage had the same image up for a week rather than the current 24 hours and they once had a photo captioned "Chester Castle" which showed a castle surrounded with fields and open countryside. Chester Castle is within the roman city walls in the city centre so the photo was clearly of somewhere else, it was actually of Beeston Castle which is about 10 miles outside Chester. I contacted Alamy to tell them of the error and their response was that they had informed the contributor of what I had mentioned but ultimately it was down to the contributor to change the c
  4. Exactly! Photograph what others aren't! PS. I'll still be in the middle of the Gold Tier if all these changes go ahead.
  5. I must be an exception then. 18 years ago I started with 10 images and now I have just under 10,000. In that time I've made a total of 8858 individual sales.
  6. I know! But, the tombstone could still be 'owned' by the descendants and if it's in a churchyard then they would want a say too.
  7. I’m trying to understand the practical realities of the indemnity clause. As a fictitious example: I photograph a street scene of some houses in a quaint village and state that there is property in the image and that I don’t have a release. A mortgage company uses the photo in an advert and the owner of one of the houses claims for damages from the mortgage company, who then contact Alamy saying they’ve done nothing wrong (when they clearly have in publishing without a release). Are Alamy really just going to pass on my details to the owner of the house and say “you’re on your own wi
  8. A property release is only required when the publication of the photo has an implied endorsement of the product or service being advertised. If a funeral company uses the tombstone in an advert then there is implied endorsement of the deceased person with the funeral company - a PR is required. If a magazine is writing an article about the origins of a village then a PR would not usually be required.
  9. I have a lot of sympathy for dairy farmers supplying milk to the large supermarkets and the changes discussed here over the last 50+ pages highlight similar issues.
  10. I make a few direct sales to design agencies who are working for their clients so I'll need to mark any images I've licensed to them as non exclusive. I can't have a design agency getting contacted by their client and risking my relationship with them.
  11. The word Infringement appears eleven times in the response - that seems a bit like a retail shop wanting a business model that makes more money out of shoplifters than genuine customers.
  12. I won't be investing in any new camera gear for a while but at least there'll be an improved website.
  13. If KM wouldn't reach the +$25k threshold then it will be a very small group of photographers that make the grade. The $25k cut off will not have been decided upon without very close scrutiny to the data to see who's above and who's below.
  14. I found it via a few links on the homepage: https://www.alamy.com/terms/uk.aspx
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