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  1. From the Shard website: Visitors are welcome to bring hand-held cameras and video equipment to create images and footage for their own personal, non-commercial use. That means any photos you take can't be used commercially without permission (meaning paying a fee).
  2. It’s been mentioned several times that images uploaded as Live News often go on to make sales at a later date and I assume these sales are usage that’s more like general stock rather than news that’s being published late. It should be fairly straight forward to shoot secondary news type images of things like events, weather and people doing things and then upload via archive/reportage and not have to worry about passing the regular QC for general stock. Without the time urgency for Live News uploads then it also gives us chance to edit and process the images properly too.
  3. You could try a Google image search to see if the book cover is indexed but you'll probably never find it unless you're very lucky. It may not even be a retail product, it could be a travel agent brochure or a customer destination guide.
  4. It seems that Alamy has 2 types of Live News shooter - the ones who submit regularly and make regular sales and the ones like myself who submit occasionally and make occasional sales. I’m still deciding if it’s worth reapplying and my main reason in doing so would be for those times when I’m in the right place at the right time for something newsworthy. Things like a landmark building in snow, a spectacular sunset, a building fire etc. Previously Alamy have tweeted requests for photos of a breaking news story in a particular location but presumably they will now just email the ones they know have upload privileges.
  5. I've been asked to reapply but I only occasionally submit news. Ironically, the pdf I will send them is one they sent me a month ago showing me a Live News sale in The Sun newspaper.
  6. What about phoning out of hours - 8am or 6pm. The lawyers may answer the phone themselves.
  7. Looking at the page source data and searching for 'www' brings up some text for a person who is possibly the web designer: www.broofa.com mailto: robert@broofa.com. Copyright 2010 Robert Kieffer
  8. It depends how people think. "I'm using this image myself therefore it's personal use". "I'm using this image for a commercial project I'm working on therefore it's commercial usage". There's also been plenty of research done on the way people choose based on the selections available.
  9. Yes, it's easy to have a series of pre-recorded actions set up in Photoshop. Unless it's an image that you think will warrant spending more than 5 minutes to correct then I would just do a few clicks on some actions to see if it's an easy fix and then decide if I should just move on to the next image or not. However, different judgements apply for Live News where content can be more important than quality.
  10. What size is the file? If what you're showing is a 100% crop from a 50mb+ file then reduce it down to the minimum size of 17mb and see if the noise is still too much.
  11. A couple of years ago I was commissioned to photograph a new infant school that was an addition to a big private school I’d been working with for over 10+years. The new infant photos were to be used for PR, marketing and a new prospectus but I had to leave my phone at reception while I was on site because it had a camera in it. You couldn’t make it up!
  12. Also, in many of the photos she is actually wearing a hat and not a hut.
  13. If you click on the image and then click on the 'Visit' link it takes you directly to the Alamy page for that image. Google will argue that using an Alamy image within their search results will be good for Alamy.
  14. You need to try and replicate it. Set your camera to it's lowest ISO, lens to f16 or f22 and try and get a shutter speed of slower than 1/15th with the metering showing about 1/3rd of a stop underexposed. Then set the focus to manual and turn it out of focus. Photograph the sky with the camera at a 45 degree angle while panning quickly. If the effect isn't there then your original post is showing a cloud formation. If the stripe is there then it's a camera issue.
  15. Bear in mind that Lightroom CC can only be installed on 2 machines at a time so if one of those machines dies then you need to contact Adobe to get it 'removed' from that computer in order to install it on the new one.
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