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Portfolio Critique

joachim affeldt

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Hello Joachim, had a quick look. Nice broad collection of colourful pictures that record the  place.  The commercial appeal will be limited by some of the converging verticals. ALAMY has a curated collection of architecture pictures which show when it works far better than I can describe. Go to your dashboard, bottom left - browse by category. then hit architecture.

I've not looked at the captions, others here are better at that than me.



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Hi Joachim, some nice pictures and a nice variety!


+1 to Mr Standfast, you have a lot of pictures with converging verticals (lines that should be vertical are not so a lot of your buildings look like they're leaning). This is an easy fix in Lightroom or Photoshop. I guess English is not your first language? There is the odd spelling mistake, but probably not enough to worry about.


Good luck,


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On 03/09/2019 at 00:38, joachim affeldt said:

Would anybody like to comment on my collection of photos ?? --  Thanks in avance --

Hey Joachim,

I see you have over 1500 pics now in about half a year. I took a look at the first couple of pages. The lighting and colors are good, and subject matter has good variety.

How are your sales? I am curious. I've been slow on uploading and have under 200 photos in about the same time as you, 1 sale only so far.

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Some interesting and varied shots, suspect that you will get some sales. 


A few concerns, the photos of oil paintings, a very dodgy area, not sure of the legality but doesn't Alamy recommend that you should only include these subjects within a broader context, e.g. somebody looking at the picture? Some contributors have lots of art in their collections but maybe they have negotiated a deal with their sources?


It's good to see that you appear to have work related images, people making or repairing equipment, but I would be inclined to get in closer to show their hands or faces and precisely what they are doing.


Re converging verticals, it doesn't have to be a killer, I've wide angle shots with very obvious convergence that have sold.


Finally, and it's a comment that I often make here, some of your shots look rather dark to me, but I'm currently using a tablet and not a calibrated monitor.


Hope that helps!


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