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Is Mauritius Images an Alamy distributor?

I just found pics by me and by Paul Quayle on this page, both credited Mauritius Images/Our Name/Alamy.


Yet when I search Siena Duomo, neither of these pics are in Mauritius Images.

https://www.mauritius-images.com/en/search?q=Siena duomo

(Dotto Siena Cathedral)


Anyone got any light to shed?

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11 hours ago, NYCat said:

Thanks, Paulette.

Odd that I can't find my own file there, given that I easily checked my keywords via IM. I realise it's an Austrian site, but Siena Duomo is Sieno Duomo, and there are a few pics there on a search for Siena Duomo.

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I just found a couple of my photos credit to Mauritius Images/Alamy/me, here: https://www.eurowings.com/de/horizons/familien-urlaub/kopenhagen-kinder.html


Carbon Date estimates that the page was published on October 18; the photos haven't been invoiced yet though. I assume it takes longer for distributor sales.


I tried searching for the photos on IM too without any luck.

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