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How do I see data on views per image that I have ?

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There is no Alamy 'manual' as such that I can see where one can search on a term and find an answer, I have looked at the contributors page but no mention of how to see data on interests in the photos I have.

Where do I go to see a record of hits on my images to get an idea of what is proving interesting etc and to see what search terms were used for such ?





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My Alamy at upper right of homepage > My Dashboard > Alamy Measures > Your Images. Then click on your pseudonym. The default shows you one month of activity and you can adjust from there.



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I think the Alamy measures only shows results on searches - not total views


So - If you send out an Alamy link, or lightbox link, on twitter, and 100 people click on it and view it..... I don't think that shows up in measures, because it wasn't a "search"


(Just what I believe through a bit of trial and error!)



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I second Mark's suggestion - I would really like to be able to see the stats of some specific images in my collection, regardless of whether they have come up in the searches shown in Alamy Measures.

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