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  1. I second Mark's suggestion - I would really like to be able to see the stats of some specific images in my collection, regardless of whether they have come up in the searches shown in Alamy Measures.
  2. After watching this morning's video I realized that all of mine are exclusive to Alamy, as none are on sale with anyone else. I had misunderstood this previously, and so did not have the "only on Alamy" box checked for all the images that I've used on my own blog, which included quite a few of them. So I realized I needed to fix this. I was able to bulk change my collection myself, very easily. In the AIM, I clicked "control-A" (for "select all"), then checked the "only on Alamy" box and then clicked "save". It wasn't immediate, but the status dots seemed to indicate that the AIM was working its way through my collection - and voila, a minute or so later, they all had the box clicked as I had wanted. I double-checked by filtering the search for "exclusive to Alamy" and all of them came up. Granted, my collection is very small compared to many contributors (just shy of 300 at this point) - so this may not work for everyone, and it may be slower for many of you than it was for me.
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