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  1. Hi, no video clip Alamy, thats a shame. I searched for a search box but couldnt find one BoBman
  2. Hi, I ran a test many years ago where I established that Q6 pshop was the point at which an immediate visible difference was not apparent for general run of the mill image saving for other folk at work, and myself, and for important work I adopted q10 through to q12, so q10 is not discernible from q12 and abetter file size. noted, thanks. BoBman
  3. Hi, It would seem a logical follow on to also treat video clips in the same way as photos. I dont see mention of this type of 'stock' . Has Alamy plans for this or if not where can I place video clips that I have to be sold in the same manner as photos ? BoBman
  4. Hi, There is no Alamy 'manual' as such that I can see where one can search on a term and find an answer, I have looked at the contributors page but no mention of how to see data on interests in the photos I have. Where do I go to see a record of hits on my images to get an idea of what is proving interesting etc and to see what search terms were used for such ? Cheers BoBman
  5. I was going to take this off on an angle to the question of does a buyer know that the jpg is max quality, does Alamy check on the fact that its saved as such, but no doubt thats in the manual or declared somewhere that the buyer can have faith. BoBman.
  6. Politely RTM ! I posted this having seen threads on the subject with Alamy mentioned, so assumed it was a worthy debate. they also need to RTM ! BoBman.
  7. Hi, What is best practice for file type submission ? JPG I save as max quality but if a potential buyer sees jpg, might they think its suffering compression artefacts ? Can they see its saved as best or is it assumed ? If they see tiff they will assume its pure and pedigree., no quibbles there. If they see RAW they know they have control and can tweak and hone it. Also supplying raw files saves a massive amount of time on fine tuning, rotating, tweaking etc , though submitting images that need a bit of work doing isn't really acceptable and could count against you. Alternatively if one has edited out a traffic cone or minor feature spoiling otherwise a great photo, and no doubt there are some of use who have found ourselves photographing a village on bin day , 😏 raw file means the buyer has that to do, if they care. So is it best to supply raw and be done with the time hogging tweaking leaving that to the buyer ? BoBMan
  8. Thanks John, I shall revisit. my notes from testing last year had issues, but I need to ask support and see if they have answers :- Primitive, cant see watch folders, need to ask. It asks for select folder as contact sheet when launches but having done so, where is this next time ? Sharpness same as Pshop...CR2.. no, its quite bad . Custom Keyword fields as in Portfolio such as TownsVillages, EmotionTerms, Animals, can't see a way. Keyword panel...cant see one at all. Search on Keyword, need to ask as video shows it needing to be typed in, and as such it could differ from what was used. Assigning KW's video on youtube looked very good. BoBman
  9. Hi, No one has suggested a prog yet that can import an Extensis Portfolio catalog. How have ex Portfolio users coped, what are you using now and how did you get the thousands of Images cataloged in Portfolio into the software ? BoBman
  10. Cheers, I was importing photos that had not been keyworded though, from camera, or sourced originally from internet etc. Then after applying some keywords I couldnt see a way of searching on images in my test folders with those. BoBman.
  11. Hi, I will dl the latest and retest. Thumbs was slow compared to others tested., I presume they are all doing the same thing though. Failure to thumb the CR2 files was not met by the other progs tested, they all had access to what coding they come with and what Msoft had on my PC at the time. All tested same week. I would prefer to have my keywords sets in the program rather than hop in and out minimise maximise or whatever to get to them. I also couldnt see a way of searching on keywords I had allocated to images e.g dog in Ferrari in London so select from animals set dog, from Cities London and from cars Ferrari. I simply couldnt even see a way of selecting a keyword from even a massive single keyword list and searching for images with it. Pretty fundamental that ! crucial to use the keyword from the list to ensure correct spelling or term used etc. If the keywords dont even exist in the prog but in e.g. postit notes type prog how will I search on keywords, as progs have it that by clicking on a keyword images with that are displayed. I do want to see the images displayed by the prog same as they appear in photoshop raw converter to decide if an image is useable etc. I am cataloging pre-processed images, so as to later on be able to find images, compare then decide which one to use. I dont want to have to open each one up in photoshop to see if its any good. With Photosupreme it matches the original image, ditto Extensis Portfolio. If its more jaded than the original image that was taken with AdobeRGB1998 on the camera, and viewed in pshop also set to AdobeRGB1998 (which is the profile to use for photography) my thought was maybe iMatch uses sRGB which will give lesser quality colour images. Progs in a workflow for photos should be AdobeRGB1998 throughout, even a scanner. Cheers BoBman
  12. Hi, I had tested Imatch last year, mixed results, looked promising but alas some issues... text copied in from my notes:- Thumbs failure....YES, _MG_5D_4340.CR2 _MG_5D_4341.CR2 _MG_5D_4341(2).CR2 Yet other progs thumbed these, and these are 3 of a total of 8 cr2 files in the test folder. Added more, prog not seeing 5 cr2 images, very slow, then showed 1, now 3 not showing. BIG PROBLEM HERE !!! DAMN ! Thumbs creation speed slow, compared to others tested. also couldnt see a way of creating Keyword sets such as Cities or Animals or vehicles. search on keyword by selecting from list, couldnt see a way at the time. colours same as pshop...No, cant find colour profile setting to make AdobeRGB though very ‘busy’ preferences area ! also a tad softer as well. However I would love to overcome these issues as they spoilt an otherwise promising prog. BoBman
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