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Nice start

JaniMarkus Hasa

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Hello there,


new on forum and beginner on Alamy. Registered in February, but been active only for couple of months - 382 images on sale at the moment. I had pretty good start with one sale when I had 100 something images uploaded. My CTR was about 2.5 , but it's coming down as I'm uploading more. That is probably inevitable, but still annoying. 


My images are mostly editorial as I'm really not interested in taking pictures of $-signs on paper or question marks on blackboard. I shoot what I would shoot anyway - mainly street photography - and I'll be happy if anything is sold. 


I like to take pictures especially on my trips abroad, but I guess Helsinki will be my niche.


Anyway, nice to be here. I believe I will need some help, like all newbies. Some guidelines and instructions are hard to understand, especially when English is not your mother language.

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Good start to have a CTR of 2.5, which is a very high figure. Don't worry too much if it drops - the average over all of Alamy is 0.57 or thereabouts and I've never heard of anyone who sustained the kind of CTR figure you mention over a long period.


You obviously have a very good eye for people shots. You should do well, especially if you are able to extend the range and quantity of your portfolio while maintaining quality. 


You are right about not shooting the 'microstock' kind of illustrative shots, it is not really where Alamy's strength lies. Carry on as you are, take care with your captions and keywords (perhaps a little more precise detail about each individual image in the caption) and you will do just fine. 

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Thanks for your kind words. 


My CTR has gone down big time, it's way below average. Four zooms in June, one in July, nothing in August so far. Keywords and captions seems to be the hardest part of stock photography. I'm still in the learning phase and slowly correcting mistakes made earlier. 


I understand my images are not the most sellable, as I've only shot what pleases my personal eye, so I'm not too worried. I want to keep photography a nice hobby rather than a sideline career. Yet I hope to get my CTR up. A bit controversial, I know. 


Some 800 shots uploaded.

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3 hours ago, Alan Shearman said:

Sorry if it's a stupid question but what does CTR mean and where would I find it? Thanks Alan


Go to your dashboard, then click on alamy measures, then your measures, the cream box on the right explains all.

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I like your style, keep it up if you can.  I will also say

that the more information, not Keywords, you can add

 is always good.


Don't fall into the trap that "more of anything, images, is

better."  Keep the images unique.



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