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Just to add to the already sound advice. Don't over process the pics, shoot in good light and avoid too much digital manipulation. Boring but technically sound is fine for the first upload. 

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10 hours ago, Ed Rooney said:

Put your camera on a tripod and shoot three different images of something like a can of soup using f/5.6 or 8. Forget about your photo art at this stage.


Good advice. Also make sure your camera has at least a 1" sensor and you are shooting in good light with low ISO (say 200). If you intend to submit a jpg straight out of the camera check that you don't have excessive in camera sharpening set and the jpg quality level is set to high or maximum and the image will contain at least 6 megapixels. Check the histogram (in camera or preferably using an image editor) to ensure you have a good tonal range without clipped shadows or highlights. If your camera has a high MegaPixel sensor you may (depending on the quality of your lens) need to downsize to ensure image is suitable sharp when inspected at 100%. NB. Don't downsize below 6 megapixels. Submit as a high quality level jpg.



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