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Are these pansies or violets ?



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This is one of the problems of using common names for plants. Strictly all pansies are violets or at least they belong to the genus Viola. Our incredibly attractive garden pansy was created from the selective breeding of a wild pansy which you will see occasionally in the UK. Getting a bit on the rare side nowadays. We have other wild pansies and violets in the UK too (Viola species) and they do look a little different. Nothing like as showy. So garden violets we call pansies as others have said.


If you know the latin name for a species always use it when you are sure of your identification. Alamy buyers are considerably more savvy than those found searching in many other agencies. You will often find the latin name used as a search term even when there is a usually accepted common name. A recent one I came across was a search for a rabbit, which we all in the UK know well, but it really should be called the "European rabbit" and of course there are plenty of rabbit species in the world in a number of genera. The buyer had searched for Oryctolagus cuniculus which makes sense if the buyer lived in another part of the world or wanted to make sure of the correct identification.


I hope this all makes sense.



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