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One suggestion -- for the puppet shows, perhaps some from the front.   I like the one that show the puppet and the puppet operator.   Possibly cut down on similar photos after live news shifts to your general portfolio. 

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I hesitate to critique photographer portfolios in particular those who shoot the kind of stuff I don't.  Don't think I am qualified to do so, but...

David, your images are really quite good, okay, really, really good.  Your port is alive, images tell a story, they are full of emotion, they convey the message etc.  You do photojournalism very well, you're good at it, and you probably already know that.  I am always envious of all the photographers on here, who go out and to this kind of thing shoot events, live news and that kind of thing.  In looking at theirs and your ports I can very objectively (I think) criticize my own.  My port is very static, and lacks, action, emotion, there's no adrenaline anywhere.

I'll just say that if I were to do photojournalism I should like it to be on the kind of level yours is.  Well done. 

Only, as MizBrown mentioned above remove some of the similars.



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You have some very striking images, David. I started my photogra[phic life as a theater photographer in NYC, and I like what you're doing. A suggestion? Keep your standards high. 


(You don't know a good Indian restaurant in Seville, do you?)



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