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  1. portfolio critique welcome

    Hello, I know that the number of images I have set up is still very small. Nevertheless, I wonder why I generate so few (currently only 1) sales at Alamy. The number of zooms (so far 4) is also low. If the experienced foographers could take a critical look at the pictures and tell me their constructive criticism, I would be happy. Thank you in advance.
  2. Dear Members, I am Fahd from Abu Dhabi, I am only expat not an Arab... I have seen lot of seniors critiquing new members (requested critique) on their portfolios and guide them accordingly. I am wondering if someone might critique mine and say some harsh words to direct me. I know it is too early to ask for critique as I only have couple of hundred pics and same number if views with only 3 zooms so far and no sale... By the way I just joined a month ago
  3. Hi guys, There are many millions of pictures on ALAMY; how do you think you can help yours to be seing first? tags and titles are important, do you do any kind of marketing of your pictures and portfolio? I personally use social media like Twitter and Google+ but can see any benefit yet. any other advice? thanks have a nice day
  4. Hi forum - looking for some advice improving image sales on Alamy. It's not something I've kept up with but wanting to get back into and hoping to make a few more sales. My portfolio last Summer was mostly events I attended with an interest in photojournalism, although now I'd prefer to look into architecture and conceptual stuff. Does anyone have advice on getting started, and where to improve on my current portfolio? 2 sales so far but my CTR is a little low for my liking. Thanks!
  5. Does anyone use Adobe's Portfolio?

    I have been trying to decide whether to use the Adobe Portfolio that comes with the Photography subscription. I know it never hurts to have your images out there on as many platforms as possible, but wonder if it is worth the time an effort. I have a website at the moment (I use Piwigo) but am always considering upgrading to something like Zenfolio, etc. Anyone using the Adobe Portfolio, and if so, what do you think of it? Jill
  6. Backlog workflow

    Looking at LR catalog, i noticed a backlog of about 200,000 pics since 2004 , a quarter suitable for Alamy. My workflow is to select a small portion of each folder and upload to Alamy. The idea behind that is to diversify soon as i uploaded enough different subjects i come back to previously managed folders and find new files to upload. Making this process, my priority are those files i consider belonging to topics more sellable. How do you guys proceed? Did you end processing your backlog and upload newer shots or you have my same "issue" with many files?
  7. Portfolio critics

    Hello everyone. I'm new at Alamy. Could you take look at my portfolio and give some valuable critics. Thank you.{CA48BF86-825B-409E-8E90-AE3D82059810}&name=Halit+Ölmez&st=12
  8. Portfolio critique

    Hi I'm new to Alamy and haven't made any sales yet, I've only recently started uploading. I believe I understand what I would need to do to increase my chances of getting sales through here, but I wonder if you guys could have a look at my current portfolio to see if I'm going in the right direction in terms of tagging, captioning, etc? So far the part I struggle with the most when uploading is choosing the relevant categories, as they're very limited in numbers. Any thoughts? Thanks
  9. Review of portfolio so far

    Hey everyone! I've been with Alamy for almost two months and have learnt a fair bit so far. Would like your feedback on my images so far and room for improvement. Cheers Hai
  10. Questions from a 'Newbie' ...

    Greetings all, Today my first set of photos has passed QC. I am getting used to working with the image manager and it all makes sense, slowly. However, I do have 3 questions (for now): 1) How can I view my my own portfolio on Alamy? 2) Although in the 'Image manager' it says that I have 3 images on sale, when I view my profile here on the forum, it says '0'. 3) Because I wanted to see how my images look if a potetial buyer is viewing it, I tried to search by contributor but apparently I don't exist (yet?). Is there a delay before ones' images are listed? Any pointers would be most helpful. Thank you, POTR
  11. Hi everyone, I joined Alamy a couple of months ago, and have now got 178 photos uploaded on here. I've very much an amateur rather than professional and I'm obviously not expecting huge sales through this site, but am a little concerned that so far I've only 411 views, and my CTR is 0. I've been careful with key wording, and have read around the forums for general advice, but I was wondering if anyone observed anything specific about my portfolio. I'm about to go on a 9 month trip around the world and plan to take a whole lot more photos! Can't wait Be great to get any views advice from anyone Thanks in advance, Andy My portfolio link is
  12. Portfolio review ?

    Hi everyone, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do this, but I'd love to have some thoughts/critics on my personal portfolio that I'm finishing to set up. I spent the last few weeks, even months on this and I'd need some external opinions from photographers on the content/feel/layout of the whole thing. Here it is: Hope it's fine with the forum rules, and if not you can just close down the topic (sorry!) Thanks for any help. Cheers! Mathieu
  13. Hi everyone, I need a little help to make my photos more visible to buyers and would really appreciate an honest critique of my uploaded photos and keywords if you are willing to spare the time. I joined in 2009 and only have 133 photos for sale, a paltry number I know, so uploading regularly is my first way to improve visibility. I have sold three photos ( not a lot I know ) whilst having only 66 photos on the site, so I feel I can produce salable work. I tend to photograph in my local area of Salisbury and the New Forest, UK. Weymouth, the Jurassic coast and Southampton are also potential areas of industry, docklands and landscapes to source new material for Alamy. I rarely travel abroad so travel subjects will be few and far between unless my circumstances change. I now use the Canon 6D and L lenses and have had success with Alamy's QC process on a more regular basis. This has been encouraging in itself so I'm more inclined to add to the millions of photos already on here:) I'm aware the stock industry is a saturated field and prices are almost rock bottom but my photos are better up for sale than hidden away on my hard drive. Thank you in advance for your time and comments. Alan.
  14. Milestone reached today!

    This morning, I reached my target of 5000 images, passed Alamy QC, key worded and placed on sale in my portfolio! It has taken me the best part of ten years to achieve this number! Well hears hoping the next 5000 do not take quite as long!
  15. Hi, I've learnt a great deal searching through the forums, and I've created a lot of pseudonyms recently to get a better idea of which of my types of photos are working. I'm in the process of adding more (another of the teachings from the experienced, this is a numbers game to a certain extent!) However, I'd really appreciate anyone who could take a look at my portfolio and give any views on the keywords, standard, the good, the bad and the ugly. Thanks in advance, Fred * Disclaimer: I may not be able to actually supply you with immortality if you review my portfolio. But the intention is there!
  16. Hi everyone Iam new here at Alamy and was wondering if any one coude critique my portfolio to see if its going the right way normally only shooting video but gonna give the Photography side a chance as well. Daniel (NIar)
  17. Portfolio Critique

    Hello, I am new here and search didn't give me the wanted result for "portfolio" or "critique"! Would be nice for beginners here, if some of you more experienced contributors could give some hints on newbies portfolios and which images of the specific portfolios might do best here! Here's a link to my portfolio: Would be great, if some of you could click through my actually 33 images and tell me what you think about and maybe chose your personal favourite out of it?! And maybe one which you absolutely don't like too?! Thanks a lot, really appreciate your support, René
  18. This morning I reached the dizzy milestone of 4000 images in my Alamy portfolio!
  19. From what I can see there are a number of factors that affect stock sales. Since Alamy ensures a minimum quality level is met by all contributors I’ll ignore it as a factor. Subject matter and proper keywords are also clearly important but for the sake of this discussion let’s assume subject and keywords are adequate. Looking through the forum discussions I see constant references to a minimum portfolio size as being an important factor in regular sales, but I also wonder if there isn’t also a time component affecting sales. If say, 3000 images represent the smallest portfolio that will generate consistent monthly sales, how long must those images be posted before they begin to generate a significant number of sales? A month? six months? a year? Also, is 3000 images a fair estimate of the minimum portfolio size needed to generate regular sales? Lynn Palmer
  20. Hi folks, what is the link to see my own portfolio on Alamy? Thanks in advance.