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Sony a6000 footage

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Hi i will be upgrading from sony nex6 to a6000 as all i need for photos is better autofocus. However, i am thinking about producing some stock footage. Will a6000 be enough to get through the quality control?


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Alamy have stopped accepting video and are concentrating on stills only.


Sure I read this somewhere but do not remember where.





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I have video clips captured with both the a6000 and NEX-6 at other places. Have never had a rejection. The lack of 4K is the only drawback.


AF on the a6000 is definitely more accurate than the NEX-6's. Much better sensor -- higher resolution and less noise -- as well. I kept my trusty NEX-6 as a backup, though.


P.S. I only dabble in video. However, If I was going to get more serious about it, I'd look into getting the a6300 which shoots 4K. Too bad it's so much more expensive. The a6000 is a real bargain.

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