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Super tags are the most important tags for each image. Next to each tag there is a star. Click the star and it goes blue. That makes it a super tag and has a higher priority in searches. You are allowed 10 per image, so you pick the 10 tags that define the image.

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2 hours ago, Darryl said:

I wish they would make those little stars easier to click. I feel like I am playing a video game sometimes.


Yes IMHO it's a poor user interface. I'd much rather be able to drag tags between separate "supertag" entry box and a "tag" entry boxes. That would make it much clearer which are tags and which are supertags. The use of two separate boxes would also make it much easier to understand what on earth's going on when several images are selected. I just get completely confused when I have several images selected. For me the combined tag and supertag entry box just doesn't work. Or is it just me?


I must admit that the recent change in commission rate has made me look at other sites and I find that the total revenue per image from them is comparable to Alamy, but I find it's significantly easier and faster to upload and keyword images elsewhere. Mmmm...


I find my loyalty to Alamy is being tested...



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I think I have found the secret to hitting the stars. Don't aim for them. Click just to the right of the star. Or if you move in from the right where the cursor is a four-headed arrow move cursor, click as soon as it changes to a regular pointer. I've gone through quite a few images with the page at normal zoom and it's pretty flawless. 

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