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  1. That was probably it. It was details on a building with a lot of shadows. Some of them may have looked like a black border to someone not paying attention. Fortunately, it was a one-off and I didn't get put in the sin bin.
  2. I try to be careful with submissions and never submit anything with known issues, but I have never heard of this, and looking at the image, I have no idea what the problem is, or what this error might mean. Thanks
  3. I've got some I won't be needing. Current Cleared Balance: $3We'll pay you once your balance is over $50
  4. Question about license and rates...

    Okay, just had four more of these. They were all similar shots of Aruba. They were all $1.25. Three were RM and one was RF. All were unlimited in perpetuity. The only difference in the rights between the RM and RF was that there was a size limit on the RF.
  5. Question about license and rates...

    Yeah, I thought I had opted out of that years ago. I'll follow up in April. Also, Novel Use sales used to say Novel Use, not Rights Managed.
  6. Question about license and rates...

    Another Great Sale. Any size in perpetuity rights manages for a buck and a quarter 06 September 2018 Rights Managed Country: Worldwide Usage: NU Editorial website and app multiple use, Editorial website and app multiple use Media: Editorial website and app multiple use Industry sector: Travel & tourism Image Size: Any size Start: 06 September 2018 Duration: In perpetuity $ 1.25
  7. Question about license and rates...

    Not sure. Everything I know about it was in the OP. Two days after that, I got a decent RF sale and another 2 days and I get one of the larger RM sales I've had here and the largest in over six years, so I guess it works out.
  8. Don't think I've seen anything like this before. The rights below were purchased for $5.24. Is this a new normal, or am I missing something? Country: WorldwideUsage: Commercial electronicMedia: Website, app and social mediaIndustry sector: Entertainment & LeisureImage Size: Any sizeStart: 01 April 2018End: 01 April 2023Single placement and design, duration in perpetuity.
  9. OK, only been a couple of days, but so far, I think I like it. It will take some getting used to, but not as much as the original IM. For one thing, it allows me to do as little or as much work on an image if I want. If I want to just upload a file with keywords attached and let it go, that;s ok. OTH, I can spend time fine tuning as much as I want to get better results. Agree with the deselect issue. For me, the most intuitive solutions would be to A) delect all when you hit the save button, and 2) Go to the standard Windows practice of using ctrl-click and shft-click to select multiples and a single click selects/deselects.
  10. Odd Sales/Revunds

    That was one of the odd things. All three purchases were Royalty Free, but the first one showed usage and date information as if it was RM. Admin answered my email saying that they "purchased the wrong license twice and has had it refunded and re billed to get the correct one." The result to me is that the clock keeps restarting on when I get paid
  11. Odd Sales/Revunds

    Actually, the 2nd sale increased the price around 400% and then the 3rd one dropped it slightly. 4-5 weeks between each purchase and the refund/rebuy. My suspicious nature makes me wonder if they are asking for a refund and rebuying when it's time to pay up, which means at this point, they have been using the image for almost 4 months and I haven't seen any revenue.
  12. Odd Sales/Revunds

    I have sent this in to support to check, but was curious if anyone had any ideas. I have an image that has been bought, refunded and repurchased 3 times in the last few months. The refund and new purchase always happen at the same time.
  13. Thank you very much MDM. tbh I don't do much editing and my photoshop knowledge is relatively poor (as you may have guessed!). A LR workflow might be the answer. I basically only use photoshop to check the images and then export to jpeg and it does seem a pretty time consuming way to do it. In that case, you should definitely consider an LR workflow. I only go into PS if I need to do something LR won't do and that's rare for me.
  14. Delete Images

    Thanks. I was missing the drag to the bottom part. On my screen that area was almost off the bottom. Thanks again
  15. I accidentally double uploaded some images but can't figure out how to delete. On the new version of the uploader, there is a button in the lower right that says, Delete all in batch, but it doesn't seem to do anything. Can't find any other mechanism for deleting. Am I missing something?