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  1. Thanks, I posted this on their forum, but didn't think to check the review section.
  2. My first computer in 1985 was an Apple and have been PC ever since. I've supported them, so I'm sure I can adapt. I do have much more software than was listed that aren't an impact on the system, and many of those are Windows only. I appreciate the input, but yeah, it has to be Windows. Thanks
  3. TL;DR version, need a new Windows laptop. Want the best I can get for photo editing. Looking for some help. I'm ready to buy a new laptop and want to get as much input as I can. The only firm spec I have right now is that it be a Windows laptop. I've been running laptops for 30 years and not interested in changing - also don't want to learn a new OS. My current build is a Dell XPS 8th Ge i7 2.2Ghz with 32Gb Ram and a Nvidia GeoForce GT 1050 Ti and a 1Tb SSD It has served me well, although it runs hot sometimes and bogs down occasionally. It's starting to sho
  4. "Please be assured that it’s business as usual at Alamy" I've never heard that one before
  5. Just got this email. Clicking on the link returns, "System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at ASP.myupload_metadatadownloadhandler_aspx.Page_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e)" It would actually be simpler if they showed up under Attributes or Discoverability rather than having to hit up the server. They are not AFAIK part of the new images that haven't passed QC yet.
  6. Yes, looking forward to that last week. My other markets and outlets came back after the summer slump with a bang, so just a little disappointed. After a steady 12 year increase in revenue at Alamy, 2019 is disappointing as a whole. It's still a great outlet, so I'm hanging in. Patience. I've heard of that. Not much experience with it. Is it any good?
  7. Been looking through the forums, and it doesn't seem to be effecting anyone else, but heading into the last week of September, I may have my first month with no sales in over 2 years. The summer, as expected, has been a bit slow, but September is usually when things pick back up. Not really a question, just needed to vent a bit.
  8. I'm not sure how long this has been going on, but the uploader seems to be automatically marking the first 10 keywords as supertags. This would be great if I pre-ordered keywords, which I should and often do, but not always. Then, as difficult as it is to mark supertags, I have to do double work. Is this an option that can be turned on/off?
  9. Or the software actually combines with another tag
  10. I would spend the time to supertag all of my images if it wasn't like playing whack-a-mole to get the star to turn blue.
  11. Yes, very frustrating. I thought at one point, I had identified the sweet spot, but just spend a long time on a handful of images with the cursor flipping between the hand, the arrow and the four-sided arrow. Didn't seem to be any rhyme or reason. I am using a 32" monitor.
  12. How had you sold live news photos in the past if you aren't in the live news program? Is it something new. I've been a contributor here for 10 years, but never paid attention to the live news part. Then 3 times in the last months, I've had a newsworthy image. Don't really care if it goes through live news, but I can't wait several days to go through the normal process.
  13. Just went through this process. Good news is that my latest editorial sale where I could grab a good tearsheet was sold from Alamy. Bad news, I had to jump through many hoops to create a < 1MB PDF file. Now I wait.
  14. I searched through a few of these but couldn't quite find my answer. On my dashboard, it says, 78 images not on sale. If I click on that, it brings up my Image Manager with a window showing 17 images. Under that is says, All 20 | Not on sale 15. So first, what is the discrepancy between 78, 20 and 15? Next, if I click on one, I have found in the past, they are usually missing a caption. These are not. In addition, if I click on any image, in the pane on the right it says, On Sale at the top. In every case, I clicked on the caption, which had anywhere from 15-25 characters, put the cursor a
  15. When you're at a beautiful travel destination and someone asks you why you're taking a picture of a telephone pole.
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