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Hello everyone,


I shoot most of al people images with no releases for editorial use.


Do you think that images like the one here under has sales potential? I ask you because i am just a few months on Alamy .... :) Thanks.






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I'll give you 25c for them ;)

I am sorry Alex ....... i dont have them on microstock but we can talk about 4 dollars :).


You know I can get similar ones for 25c on micro so why don't you come down to my price to make the sale? ;)

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Looking at the pics Mirco I couldn't tell you if they were taken in Poland or Glasgow. A more generalised keywording might work in your favour. If you can get model releases then even better. I know a girl who went out in Glasgow one day. Paid an assistant to get model releases signed from people and it worked well for her 

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Thanks for you answer Paul.


Releases will not work for me. I prefer to shoot people like they are and not having to get releases loosing some time even knowing that releases can help selling for commercial use. I decided to shoot only for editorial as far it goes to people. When you think about it you will have big circle of clients also without releases. Editorial includes magazins, newspapers, educational books etc. Only this is already a big source.


Next to that I love this kind of photography. I like to go to the city and shoot something from scenes. I am don’t like much the indoor posing shots. I did at the beginning of my microstock time many model shots indoor and outdoor and realized that I don’t have fun with that. My joy is to take authentic images from life … then I am free to look around an take whatever I want.


This weekend I will be at the Polish mountains in Karpacz. Can not wait to take images from the mountain towns and the nature around it J. I have one day time for that. They will be in maximum 2 weeks on Alamy I guess.


To be short Editorial is my direction. That’s why I jumped from Microstock to here.



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I too like to take people as they are. It seems as soon as they know you are taking their picture, they can't help but pose and be aware of the camera.


Life as it happens is the fun way to go!



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