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Revisiting Keywords

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This morning I made a small change in all my images of restaurants. In fact I added the word "restaurants" to wherever I had only "restaurant" before. I did this because I discovered in a test search that a number of buyers use it in their search when looking for one restaurant. 


I also found some mistakes, like spelling "pizzeria" "pizzaria," which I wrongly remembered as the Italian spelling. Yeah, I have trouble with spelling even in Italian . . . although there is no word for spelling in Italian. They say "writing."



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Re-visiting keywords is I've found, like opening cans of worms.


Ed's right about finding horrendous errors via specific searches. They're easy to rectify but sifting through one's collection is I don't think, a great use of time. The howlers would be far and few between anyway so I tend not to regularly.



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